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When Shit Hits The Fan - Part Uno

I never know how to start my posts and this one in particular is a difficult one. As you may have seen plastered all over my social media I went on a well deserved holiday with my fiancĂ© on the 20th of May and we were due to stay for 10 whole days, which we were both so excited for. In the run up to our time off we had both been running at work like mad hatters and were counting down the seconds to when we could finally leave. Well I wish we had stayed exactly where we were if I'm honest with you. 

Day 1 started like any other day when on holiday, you gather your bearings of the area and hotel, we chilled by the pool and had dinner and went to bed early, as I said we'd been running like mad hatters so we were knackered. Woke up on day 2, It was a little cloudy so we took it slow with no rush to go any where after all we had another 9 days to go, so why would we rush right? It was bliss. We played mini golf, drank beer and walked along the beach back to the hotel taking in all t…

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