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When Shit Hits the Fan: Part Tres

Hey all welcome back to Martins updates, I know I haven't updated you for a while now so I have lots to back track on. So forgive me if I miss a few details out - some are hard to look back on but mostly because so much has happened since then. Those of you that know what's happened don't panic you haven't missed anything, I'm just very behind with my blog! 
If you aren't up to date with Martin story then you may want to read the previous posts but make sure to come right back!! 
When shit hits the fan - Part Uno
When shit hits the fan - Part Dos

"Cancer may have started the fight, but I will finish it'

So with you all caught up you know that Martin has his PICC line inserted, this was a fairly painless process for him though he said it was an odd sensation as he said he could feel the line going through his vein. The line is about a meter long and is inserted in the inside of bicep and follows a vein directly into his heart. This was to ensure that his che…

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