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My Skin Saviours

OH boy its been a while ..

I feel like I have very much neglected my blog for a while now. Im not even going to try give a reason or excuse. Life happened and I lost interest in my blog. I have how ever been rather active on my Instagram and I even created a new account for our home, I got hooked one night scrolling lots of home accounts and I wanted to be a part that so I started Our_home_at_No.1  I post pictures and little videos of my home and cleaning things, oddly enough I find it rather satisfying - who knew I'd find a love for cleaning one day. 

But this does not mean I lost my love for skin care or make-up. If anything my skin care routine has become a little more engrained in me. So as a "getting back on the saddle" kind of post I thought I'd show you my favourite skin care products.

Now in the 3 years I've been blogging you have probably heard me rave on about Elemis products. I never thought I would be the person to purchase high end Skin care, and to any…

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