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Our Bucket List

Hey Hey, Welcome back!! 

I thought I'd share a few things that me and my other half want to do, I'm not sure whether you can call it a bucket list as it really is just a list of things that we want to in our lives together.. there are some things that are just made to do  on your own and I guess all of these can be done on your own too, but to me I just feel as though I would enjoy so much more if I could do them with Martin by my side. Mostly to just to hold my hand incase things get a little more on the adventurous side than intended. 

1) California - since we have come back from NY Martin had been obsessed with idea of going to California and to be honest it would be pretty amazing to go. 
2) New York at Christmas.. yes we did go last year, but it's supposedly amazing at Christmas time.  
3) Paris.. because it's Paris and it just needs to be done, one of the most romantic places on earth.. so they say
4) Dubi, I think this is just one of those places that you need to see…

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