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When Shit Hits The Fan - Part 2

Hey, welcome back to my corner of the internet, so this is a long over due update of our whole cancer story. If you haven't already please go and give part one a read before this one just to so this makes a little more sense, if this post is anything like the last you may need to make a cuppa.  Part One
All caught up? Great!
Heads up, some of you may find find some photos a little distressing. In these up dates I aim to be as open and as honest as we possibly can be. 

As predicted it wasn't long until we were back in the hospital, 2 weeks to be exact. Martin was being poked and prodded yet again. (I'm just glad he doesn't have a fear of needles, though I wouldn't be surprised if he developed one) With the previous cancer back in 2016 (when life gives you lemons) we were seen by a head and neck specialist professor Mehanna but this year he was on a years leave, though a little gutted we wouldn't be seeing him again (purely because he knew our case so well and did t…

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