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Makeup I Regret Buying...

Hey there lovelies, There are so many reviews out there that always seem to be hyping up products that don't always deserve the hype. People then fall into a false belief that a product is amazing ( iv'e been there, its the reason I own these products) Now this may come across a little harsh, but I'm telling the truth which is something I find some Youtubers and Bloggers don't seem to know the definition of.These are things that I have collected over the last year.. So I didn't do too bad really. Only finding 5 products in a year that I Do not like is pretty good going I think. 
Yes my dislike towards these products is purely my opinion, and in no particular order I'll start with the Sleek True Colour Matte lipstick in the colour Papaya Punch... the colour of this product is stunning, I bloody love it. But this is THE most drying lipstick I have ever put my lips. My lips actually felt chapped when I took this off (5 mins after applying) I am very much a matte li…

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