2016 New Years Resolutions

Hey there, I thought I'd kick start my Blog with the whole "New Year New Me" thing. 

I really want to get to the end of 2016 and feel like I did something. So this is my list of 10 things that I would like to have accomplished by the end of the year. Lets get to it!

1)   I want to take better care of my skin, I love all things makeup and beauty, but I have a bad habit of not always taking my makeup off at the end of the day and we all know that leads to break outs and they are not fun. So I'm going to find myself an actual routine and stick to it. 

2) I want to exercise more, I know that sounds so cliche, I do. I need to. for me. I don't think I'm fat but I'm definitely unfit and that what i want to change. I mean don't get me wrong I wouldn't mind losing some weight, but that's not my main goal.

3) My boyfriend is forever telling me that I need to be more positive, so that's what I'm going to try to do. To look on the brighter side of life. 

4) My boyfriend and I both really want to travel more, see the world. Even if we don't leave the UK at least we can say we went places and saw more and had new experiences. We are going to New York in May which we are super excited about, there's going to be lots of new experiences there!! yay! 

5) This is another cliche one but I feel like I need to do it, and that is to get "Bikini Body Ready"  I need to feel more confident with my self and right now I don't, no matter how many times people say "you're perfect the way you are"  I don't feel it, so I hope with a little more exercise and healthier eating habits I can get there. 

6) Well this one I can most definitely tick off my list. To start a blog, I have been thinking about it for a while just never quite found the guts to do it, I was always worrying about hate and what people would think. which brings me on to no.7 

7) To enjoy life to its fullest and stop worrying about judging eyes. I have always been the kind of person to worry about what someone thinks of me, or if somebody walks past me laughing I think they are laughing at me, silly I know but that's how it is. I'm going to change that it may take a while but I'm going to take every day as it comes with my head held high. 

8) Well seeing as my boyfriend and I both want to travel more it only seems logical to put this in here and that is to save more.  you can never have too much money when you have an arms length list of things you want and want to do. 

9)  I want to be more organised. I'm quite a messy person really. I have clothes every where I'm just far to lazy to put it away. Until the day I have cleaning spree and my boyfriend thinks little cleaning elves have been in and done it. I'm forever double booking my friends and family when I say I'll do something so I have got my self a dairy and I'm going to do my best to remember to use it... 

10) I need to talk to more people, I feel as though I'm the kind of person who keeps my self to my self and doesn't talk to any body if I don't have to... and I think that's quite bad of me really! so if someone talks to me on Instagram  or leaves a comment here I'm going to do my best to reply, just the thought of it scares me a bit, but this is all about getting out of my comfort zone.

That's all for this one, Hope every one has a had a great start to 2016, lets make it a good one!!  


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