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Hey, so like I mentioned in another post not many of my friends are that into makeup. So they never really understand what it is about makeup that I love so much. I'm not saying that I'm amazingly talented at makeup at all,  But I have learnt what works best for me.

Makeup has the ability to hide all those flaws that you don't want every body and any body to see!! I'm not saying that every time I go out I have to put a face full of makeup, but it is very rare that I leave the house without even a bit of mascara. There's something about wearing makeup that just makes me feel so much more confident about myself. Friends and family always tell me that I don't need make up, your beautiful the way you are. I'm sure if you wear makeup as much as I do then you know the drill! 

So in this post I want to share my makeup routine... if you can call it a routine I'm not really sure. It's just a before and after. I enjoy doing my makeup, I enjoy taking my time with it. Sometimes even when i'm not going any where I will still do my makeup, just because I enjoy doing it, I'm sure all of you makeup lovers out there will understand! ( Please tell me I'm not crazy) 

Neither of these photos have a filter, I'm just using natural light. 

As you can see in this photo I have redness and several blemishes on my forehead and around my mouth, which are generally the areas that I am prone to spots. Thankful this night I slept quite well so I didn't have bad bags under my eyes unlike most mornings!

This Photo is the after math of sitting at my dressing table for a hell of of a lot longer than I care to admit!!  At this point I haven't put any blusher or bronzer on but you get the idea. I don't always do eyeliner... just far too much effort to do first thing in the morning before work. I love the difference it makes, yes you can still see a few blemishes but they are hardly there. 

I don't know if its just me but when I first sit down at my dressing table to do makeup, I find my self just looking at my makeup wondering what the hell am I going to do today. I always think I'm going to do something new with eye makeup today, or I'm going to use a different foundation. But I never do, I always reach for the same eye shadow pallet, the same mascara, the same foundation. But I sometimes think it's OK to use the same things, because at least then you know what to recommend to people. Then those days where I do my makeup for the fun of it, I have all my pallets out ( by "all" I mean my grand total of 4), different eye liners, different blushers and bronzers. And I make my self do something new, because new is good! 
(I feel like I'm rambling) 

Thanks for reading, 
Hannah xx 

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