Day Out

Hey there, this isn't going to be an awfully chatty blog post, just wanted to share my day. My boyfriend and I always try our best to do something together when we have a day off together, because he works long days he's rarely at home. Which sucks!! So while the weather was actually on our side we decided to head out for a walk. In Shropshire there are some many beautiful walks to on and luckily for us the are close by. The sun did disappear behind the clouds but the rain held off thankfully!

Hope you enjoy my day in pictures 

We are THE best at selfies.... 
Ok.  That's better 

after a 3 hour walk it was nice to get out of the cold wind, and out of some very muddy shoes (new shoes I might add, damn it!!) and into some cozy PJ bottoms (yes they are christmasy, literally the coziest thing I own) and have a nice hot chocolate!! 

Thanks for reading, seen you soon. 
Hannah xx 

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