London Life Part 1

Hey, welcome back!!  So I'm currently on day off no.4 out of 9! ( that's a whole other story on its own)  and for 3 of those days my boyfriend and I have spent with his brother and girlfriend. They came to visit us from Ireland and as they had never been to London before we thought we would take them and show them around a little. Now this was my second time ever in my life that I have been to London but Martin has been there several times without me. So I'm no expert on all the tourist spots but I like to think we covered quite a bit in the short amount of time. I finally think I found the knack to the underground!! woop woop!!  Although on the first day the weather wasn't really on our side.. we still had a really good day and did lots of walking. 

So our first stop was Buckingham Palace, well because its just something you have to do when in London. 

Our second stop was Tower Bridge, and my word was it windy!! But as it was something that Martin and I didn't do last we went it was nice to see. 

Our next stop in the gloomy weather was The London Eye, which could have been better if the weather was nicer as it was cold wet and windy and even a little foggy... you couldn't see that far around once we at the top!! none the less it was nice to do it again, although next time I think I would like to go up at night time, I think it would be amazing to see all the twinkling lights! 

After the London Eye we took the streets and walked and walked. As its still winter it got dark fairly quickly which sucks a little but we got over it. At least the rain held off for the evening! 

After all the walking we did, we most defiantly worked up an appetite so we went out for dinner and wine and got very merry!!  Neither me or Martin have had a drink in while so it went to our heads fairly quickly so come half 12 on a Friday night out in London we were in bed. Asleep!  Getting old much  aha. 

So that's all for day 1. Thanks for reading , be sure to check out Part 2 of London Life!! 

P.S I would love to know of any places that you would recommend to visit 




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