London Life Part 2

So Saturday was our second day in London and it was out last day! a short but sweet trip.  After our drinking from the night before and long day ahead of us we were in need of a breakfast to get us going for the day from there our first stop of the day was Greenwhich. Now naturally as my boyfriend and I are Marvel fans (Martin more so) we were happy to visit here again as this is where a scene from Thor was filmed... being the geeks we are we were excited. I find it amazing trying to imagine all the crew and actors walking in the same place were walking.... just like whaaaaaaattt???  But besides that it is a beautiful place to visit and the view from the observatory point I think is mind blowing. Its just like a green carpet between us and the busy city life. 

Not gonna lie, it was bloody windy up there my hair was completely out of control!!. But soo worth the view in my opinion. 

To finish of our weekend we went to Madame Tussaud's which I think is another typical thing to do while in London, it has to be done. safe to say I loved it, but i feel as though now I've done it , i wont do it again, there's just no need. And its super expensive for what it is. We had a good time none the less!

So. this is the section where I got a tad over excited. It's something that not even my closest of friends know, I'm secretly quite a big Zoella fan. Also a huge fan of Alfie's (aka PointlessBlog) YouTube videos too!! as if I was going to pass up the opportunity to have a photo taken the with wax work figures of them..  I love watching Zoe's video's on YouTube I find them very therapeutic. If any one was to every ask why I started blogging, I would probably answer with Zoella was my inspiration..?  is that cheesy? I don't even care if it is!  reading her blog and watching her videos it all just seemed so much fun. and it is. I want to do something that I love. and I love this. 

I hope you all enjoyed scrolling though my weekend in photos, I would love to know any thing that people would recommend to do in London. 

I love having weekends away with my man, and seeing and experiencing new things and what better way to do that than with the one you love? 

 I'm hoping that we will take a weekend away to Brighton at some point.. random place for me to want to go to.. But I want to. So anybody in Brighton or already been the Brighton what would you recommend to do there?? I would like to start planning 

Thank you all for reading, see you soon 


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