My hair journey and how I grew out my hair

Hey there and welcome back. I'm starting to really enjoy this blogging thing.  

Today I wanted to do post about my hair. Sounds a bit weird I know. I don't think my hair is any special but I have come a long way on my journey to waist length hair, and people who know have asked what I've to my hair to get it back into a reasonably healthy state. I'm not by any means a professional with this nor am I saying what I have done will work for you. I've done some digging on my Instagram to find some photos to show you just how far I have come. Some people may not find it to be that impressive but I find my hair grows quite slowly.

I have pretty much always been a blonde gal, but every now and then I have found my self to get a little bit bored of the same old thing every single day. So a few years ago I decided to mixed it up a little, so I died my hair Brunette. WOW, that was a mistake, well in my eyes it was. I had so many compliments on it. All saying how much it suited me, but just didn't see it myself!! It didn't last very long, at this time there was the whole new craze about " ombre hair" I loved it thought it looked amazing, I still do. Just not the way I did it. Home style. This is definitely something that you need to go to a hairdresser for, unless you are extremely gifted! So I went to boots and brought my self a "ombre hair" kit, and and well I'm I'm not all that great when it comes to things like this, I can manage an all over dye and that's about it! So I followed all the instructions and did everything accordingly. Great! But wait not only did I then realise that I had maybe started the bleach a little higher up than I would have liked but It wasn't straight. I know the omber look isn't meant to perfect but it looked nothing like I wanted it to.  I left my hair alone for about 2 weeks, because of using bleach I didn't want to put any more colours on it just yet. Unfortunately I had to continue on with my life with a bad dye job...  being a waitress at the time I had to have my hair tied up all the time anyway so It was quite easy to get away with.

I was undecided about what colour I actually wanted to dye my hair, but eventually I made up my mind. 

I wanted my hair to be purple. Yup. Purple. 

Thinking back I couldn't tell you what made me want to go purple, I really couldn't, all I can say is I was bored with my hair. (Well ain't that an understatement!!) In my mind the purple wasn't going to be that dark because it was on top of bleached hair. Well I can quite easily say that the dye took very well to my hair!!  Well the purple lasted a week. I couldn't take it. It was just soooo dark and I'm very pale so it just wasn't working for me. At this point I gave up with wanting a different hair colour and gradually (by gradually I mean it took me less than 2 months, dying my hair about 4 times) got my hair back to a mousy brown kind of colour, which is almost my natural colour (I think) 

This is me with Brunette hair

I'm not a fan of this photo if I'm honest, but it's literally the only photo I have with my Ombre hair 

I'm there in the middle with my purple hair... doesn't even look like me ...  

Another one with my purple hair. It's just so dark! 

After all that colour I had been putting into my hair I noticed that my hair was feeling very dry and brittle, which I put down to the bleach. But none the less my hair was very damaged at this point. I googled so many ways to "repair" my hair, until I came to the sad truth that I was just going to have to chop it all off. So I made my appointment for the "the chop" and told the girl to cut off as much as she needed to make it healthy. she did just that, which left me with a bob just a tad longer than my shoulders.  From here on out I made it my mission to look after my hair. I googled so many ways to help keep your hair healthy. My word there are a lot of things that you can do, but I didn't have enough time to try them all so I just picked a few.

 First one I chose is a little gross, it's messy, sticky and smells, but I find it helped with strengthening my hair and that was a mustard powder hair mask. Its basically 2 table spoons of mustard powder, 1 tea spoon on sugar (yes sugar) , an egg yolk and  2 tea spoons of warm water and 1 table spoon of olive oil (or coconut). mix it all up and put it in your hair, it is gross and it feels disgusting when you apply it 

( it's all in the name of beauty) I would leave it on for around an hour, or how ever long I could handle as it tends to get quite hot, but a good kind of hot. Then just wash it out as you would normally wash your hair, and your left with shiny silky hair. 

The second way I found to look after my hair, and I still use today is plain old coconut oil. You need this stuff in your life if its not already. I noticed a huge difference in my hair almost straight after, which I loved. I'm such an impatient person, if I don't see results there and then I just give up and move on to the next thing. My hair had been transformed from a birds nest into silky smooth locks. I do believe that coconut oil has helped me to grow out my hair to where it is now, I still have a long way to go and I will continue use coconut oil on my hair for the foreseeable future.  

Along side using coconut oil in my hair, I do not use hot tools on my hair. I occasionally blow dry my hair but it very rare that I do. I only tend to want to blow dry my hair in the winter when I don't want to be out and about with wet hair, but if I must use it heat I always use a heat protection. I also never ever ever ever brush my hair when its wet. ever! Just no. The thought of it is making me cringe. aha. Hair is in its most delicate state when its wet so it needs a lot of love a care, when I get out of the shower and lightly towel dry my hair I always put a small amount of argon oil through the ends of my hair and it makes a huge difference to my hair. It makes it so much easier to manage once it is dry. 

Also argon is super hydrating for your hair so it's perfect for helping disguise those sneaky split ends for a short while. 

After the chop, according to Instagram I posted this 69 weeks ago... 

Literally just a couple of days ago 
I love the colour of my hair here, this is the blondest i have ever been and I used a purple shampoo pretty much every wash which gave it this gorgeous lilac colour 

Just having a good hair day, who doesn't love loose bouncy curls...? 
My hair care journey wouldn't quite be complete without out the help of Hair Burst, I'd be lying if I said it was. 

These little things were a game changer for me, Jam packed full of vitamins that my hair needed to grow, they worked wonders for me. Literally after taking them for 2 months I noticed a change in my hair. It was growing faster and it felt so much stronger. I have purchased these twice already and I wont be hesitating to buy them again once I have ran out. 

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