My top makeup buys of 2015

Hey guys, welcome back. Today I wanted to write about my favorite makeup buys. I'm not someone who buys high end makeup although I would love to. I just cant afford to at this moment in time. So I'm just making do with what I've got. I think there are some many wonderful brands on the high street. These are my top buys. All opinions are my own. 

Now I am a girl who loves my lipstick. I very rarely leave the house without applying lipstick, and these 2 just so happen to be the 2 that I reach for the most. yes very similar in colour but both look very different on the lip. Both have a matte finish to them which I love, I'm not a huge fan of lipstick that have a sheen to them. These are both from Rimmel London (you'll be seeing a lot of them)

Once again Rimmel London..I have tried a lot of different mascaras, but I have never found one that does every thing that I want. This separates lashes so they don't look clumpy which I have found a lot of mascaras to do, it lengthens lashes and it smells great because of the cucumber extract ( not normally something I look for in a mascara but its just a bonus aha). Then this mascara came into my life, and I haven't looked back since. Maybe until I delve into the higher end of the market, until then this is my holy grail of mascaras.

(updated link; packaging has changed colour since this photo was taken) 

Both of these foundations I found quite late on in the year, but they very quickly became my all time favs. I couldn't choose between the 2 simply because they do very different things. The Revlon photo ready I don't find to be a particularly full coverage, I tend to use this more when I'm having a good skin day and don't need too much coverage and  I love the finish it gives. The L'Oreal Infallible foundation I find to have brilliant coverage on my skin, It covers my blemishes amazingly. Although I find if I have particularly large blemishes I have to put my concealer on first not after like I would normally, because of the a matte affect I find putting it on after makes it look a bit cakey (and no one wants that)  Both I think are a great price for the quality. 

As you can see this is very very well loved. I came across this after watching one of Zoella's youtube videos, and she raved about so I though i'd give it ago. I'm glad I did. The contour shade is perfect for me, I don't find it to be too dark and the high lighter has the perfect amount of shimmer in it, I defiantly reach for this more than any other highlighter that I own. 

Maybelline Eraser eye 
This is another one that I came across by watching youtube videos, so many people going on and on about this concealer. Curiosity got the best of me once again and I brought it. I have since re-purchased this another 3 times and I will defiantly be buying it again, and again.  

Maybelline, Dream Sun 
This most defiantly more of a summer item, but I find a great product for the days you need something quick just to stop you looking like such ghost!!  I love the hint of blusher it has, I have naturally quite red cheeks so I never want a blusher with too much pigment so this is perfect for me. 

(Update; this product has been discontinued)

That is 6 of my top makeup buys of 2015, I'm hoping that 2016 I will get a chance to try some high end makeup.

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