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Hey there, Thanks for coming back to my blog. This post is all about my top perfumes, I don't think I have huge collection, but I have enough to have me stumped for a while in the morning. But I'm not going to bore you with all of them, I haven't got all day! So I'm just going to talk about my top 3 drugstore perfumes and my my top ... mid priced range (don't what to call them as they aren't what I'd call high end)

So lets get started.. 
My top drugstore perfumes (all under £10)

 First up we have a perfume that I have had a love for years, and that is the Britney Spears Midnight. It is a very sweet scent so if you don't like sweet smells you wont like this. Because it is a very inexpensive perfume its perfect for an every day throw in your handbag kind of perfume. Sadly this bottle is pretty much empty so i'm going to have to grab another bottle when i'm next in town. 

 My second drugstore perfume is the Zoella Let's Spritz. This is a new one to my collection, but i have fallen in love. It is a lovely fruity floral scent and not too over powering like some sweet scents can be. This is another perfect throw in your handbag kind of perfume. 

Thirdly we have another Zoella product. This is Blissful Mistful body mist, it's a wonderful fresh smell. This is my current handbag perfume and love using through out the day. And the cap is rose gold... so I'm automatically more in love with it! 

Now on to my top Mid price range perfumes. (£30-£60)

 I love this perfume, this was a gift from my parents for my 22nd birthday. So as you can see I have used a lot of it already, just because its one that I always reach for. It is a floral scent, I love the fact that the scent is really subtle and light I find that it lasts all day. This is much more of spring/summer scent but I've been using it all through out winter and autumn. 

 I am so so sad that this bottle is nearly empty. I first came across this perfume on a night out with one of my besties, I spotted it in her bedroom while we were getting ready and as you do you have a sniff. I was curious. And OMG I'd never smelt anything quite as amazing as this perfume. This is my second bottle.This one has a scent that I'm not sure how to describe if i'm honest, It's kind of sweet but kind of musky at the same time. well worth the money if i'm honest. 

Lastly we have Ghost Eclipse, this is a very new one to my collection. And excuse my reflection in the lid, I couldn't get a good shot with out me being in it..! Oh Well. I think is going to be the perfect summer smell. This scent I think is very particular smell, but I love it. It's reminds of something I had when I was younger, but for the life of me I cant put my finger on it, and its going to bug until I figure it out aha. 

That's all for my top perfumes. 

Thanks for reading, please leave any comments below any few back is welcome. 


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