Real Techniques Bold Metals Review

Hey there lovelies, thanks for coming back. Today I wanted to do a review on the Real Techniques Bold Metals brushes, I love talking to my friends about all my new purchases when it comes to make up, but not many of them are that in to makeup so they are never really that interested. Before I brought these brushes I couldn't find many reviews on them , so I had no other way of finding out weather they were worth the money or not... so brought all but 2 of the collection and I am going to write my own review. All opinions are my own. 

Firstly OMG the colours are just beautiful, you will soon learn that I have a small obsession with the colour Rose Gold. That's what caught my attention to these particular brushes in the first place. 

All the brushed in this collection have a tapered handle, its such a simple thing but its just genius!!! If like me your dressing table is on slant and your makeup brushes are forever rolling off... these will save you all that time fumbling around on the floor. The bristles on these brushes are simply the softest thing I have ever felt, literally ever!! Also because of the colour of the bristles it makes it 10x easier to see how much product you actually have on your your brush, comes in super handy for eye shadow and contour! 

First brush is the Gold powder brush 103. 
This brush is tapered to an angle so it glides across your face with such ease, because of the angle of the bristles it makes it super easy to powder under your eyes. I know a lot of people will be saying I should be using a setting brush under my eyes I have just not got round to buying one and at the moment  I don't see any need for one. This brush is so perfectly weighted that you have amazing control with what you are doing. I can imagine that a lot of people wouldn't really like that they weighted as much as they are but for that's what makes these brushes for me. 

Second brush is the Blush Brush 300
As much as I love this brush for blusher I also love to use it for high light, it's just the perfect size and with the tapered bristles its super to glide across your check bones. I  know that there may be brushes out there that are more suited for high light, but who doesn't love a multi tasking brush..? Just like the powder brush it is weighted so perfectly, just a few little flicks and your done! 

Left: Contour Brush 302  Right: Blush Brush 300

The Third brush is the contour brush 301.
 Like the blush brush this one is also Rose Gold in colour. The bristles on this brush are much more dense but don't let that fool you this brush is still super soft.  it perfect for contour even though I'm still trying to master the art of contour this brush is still worth having, just makes it all a little easier. Though this brush does hold a lot of product so just be wary of that, don't go too heavy handed first time like I did!!  

Top: Domed eye shadow 200 Bottom: eyeliner brush 202
For both of these I can quiet easily say I couldn't do my makeup with out. The domed eye shadow brush is a fluffy brush that blends out eye shadow seamlessly!!  The eye liner brush, although I don't use it for gel eye liner
 ( I'm still yet to master gel eye liner)
I do use it for putting eye shadow along my lower lash line because of the short bristles I mange to get a nice smooth line.  I also use it with a darker eye shadow when I don't want a full on black eye liner.

Overall I feel these brushes are well worth a purchase, and would recommend them to anyone who is looking for higher quality makeup brushes. Definitely up there with my best purchases. 

Find these brushes here on boots

Hannah xx 

P.s please comment if you have any beauty products that you'd want to read a review on 

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