5 Things That Make Me Happy

Hey, welcome back!  I always find that people these days are very quick to point out the bad things in life but not so much the good things. So in today's post I want to write about 5 things that make me happy. To some they might seem a little odd.. but its what make me happy. 

 The first thing that makes me the happiest is my man!! He is always so supportive of everything I do, and he gives the best cuddles!!! I still get that over whelming happy feeling inside when I see him and I smile uncontrollably. Every day with Martin is a great day! 

Obviously my Friends and family are in my top 5 things that make me happy. They are people who are always there for you when you need them no matter what. They are people who don't judge you, they are people who always pick you up when your down.  

Now unless your a fellow YouTube lover then this will seem fairly odd to you that this in my 5 things that make me happy. I love to watch YouTubers do their thing. I find I learn a lot from their videos especially the beauty YouTubers, you can always find out new make up hacks. I find watching videos I just find them relaxing, so on my down days I like to just chill with my Ipad and my headphone and just watch videos weather that's tutorials or vlogs.

Another thing that makes me happy is makeup and doing my makeup. and again unless you are a make up lover this will also seem quite odd.  I love trying new products and experimenting with different eye shadows. I'm the kind of person that does my make up just for the hell of it, even today I had no intention of going any where but I still did my makeup. Don't get me wrong I don't wear it every day i do give my skin a little break. 

The final thing that makes me happy is a very new thing to me, which I discovered by watching YouTube videos, and that  is Blogging. I noticed that a lot of YouTubers are also bloggers, so followed a couple of links and started reading blogs. reading things that people are passionate about was nice, and these people had the same passion as me. So I thought I would give it a go to. If I didn't like it its not the end of the world, but i ended up loving it. When I'm at work i'm thinking i cant wait to go home and write a blog post , or brain storm some new ideas or even taking photos for my posts. I love editing photos to go with my blog posts. 

What are 5 things that make you happy?

Thanks for reading 

Hannah xx 



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