Pancake Day

Hey. Welcome back. Now some may say that this post is a little late, but o well. I super chuffed with my self and how these pancakes turned out. I'm far from a master chef and every other time I have attempted to make pancakes it had gone horribly wrong. But since posting a few photos of my pancakes on Instagram and Twitter I've had a few people ask me what recipe I used to make my pancakes, so I thought I'd do a short little post going though what I did step by step. This way is super super easy, and took my less than 25 mins!! 

This year I wanted to give thick american style pancakes ago. I came across Jamie Oliver's recipe when I was watching one of Zoella's videos, hers turned out really nice so instead of going through the internet to find a different recipe I just used the same. 


3 Large free range eggs 
115g plain flour ( which is also 200 ml for those who don't have any scales) 
1 heaped teaspoon of baking powder ( I didn't have any, but I found it worked fine without) 
140ml milk 
1 pinch of salt 

1) separate the egg whites and yolks into separate bowls 
2) mix the egg yolks, flour and milk and baking powder if you have any. 
3) In the other bowl whisk the egg whites with a pinch of salt until it starts form stiff peaks.
4) fold the whisked egg whites into the first bowl. ( remember to fold it in and not stir too harsh as it will knock all the air out of the egg whites which is going to make them all fluffy) 
5) spoon a small amount of the mixture into a pre-heated frying pan on a medium heat. too hot and the pancake will start burn before it cooks through. once one side is cooked just flip it over any way you like. 
6) once you've used all your mixture, decorate/ garnish how ever you wish. 

I was so so happy with how they turned out, I garnished mine with squirty cream, strawberries and raspberries drizzled with maple syrup. I was in heaven, and as my boyfriend was at work i ate them all to my self. But now hes seen them I'm going to have to make him some on another day!  

Thanks for reading, Hope you all had a wonderful pancake day

Hannah xx 

P.S what is you favorite thing to have with pancakes? 



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