Temporaily Unemployed

Hey, how is everyone doing?  As you can see by the title of this post, 
I am temporarily unemployed which kinda sucks. But its only 9 days, so I guess it's just like a long holiday...

This post is a little bit more personal than my previous posts, but I feel like this may be situation that others may be in, and I think if this post can help any one i'll be happy, but it makes me feel better to just talk about it. 

Now as some one who lives on my own with my boyfriend, I rely a lot on having a good income every month, you know, to pay for all the adult things... gas, electric, water... #boreee.  I recently made the decision to quit my my job, I was so unhappy there. I felt nervous to go to work every day, it felt like every day was my first day. I hated that feeling. The new manager had very different ways of doing things, and if I did something wrong I felt like I was in primary school. Baring in mind before she had started I had been running the store for a good 2 months so I had a very good understanding of how everything needed to be done. Yet she still thought I was in the wrong... But hey. 

So about 2 months ago I started my job hunt, and boy was I hunting. As my boyfriend uses the car every day I needed to find a job in walking distance, ideally. And that isn't as easy as it sounds.  I handed out over 20 CV's plus applying for jobs on line, I was so desperate to get out of my job that I was applying for everything. But no one was getting back to me, or they simply didn't have any vacancy's. I was  starting to give a little bit, and thinking maybe give a break for a little and just put up with the job a little longer. But every time I woke up in the morning to get ready for work my heart sank, I felt sick. I just didn't want to go. I know not every one loves there job, and most people do a job just to pay the bills just as I am doing. But I couldn't do it any longer. I found my second boost and handed out more CV's, and BAM!!  within two days I had phone call interview, which went well as they asked me to come in for a actual interview, now I'm sure everyone gets nervous in an interview, just as I was, but I also had to try my hardest to not to come across as desperate. Because that's just not something people want!  The manager that did my interview was so nice, like unbelievably nice. Automatically I was so much more relaxed. It was great. it was nice, I didn't even work there yet and I didn't feel sick to my stomach. 

She offered me the job there and then, she had asked me to go away and have a think about it and think it if it was something I wanted. Well safe to say I didn't have to think about it!  But not only did she want to hire me, she wanted me to forward and apply for the supervisor position. Which I think I think is mind blowing, seeing as my previous manager didn't think I was good enough as a sales assistant... I was over moon. 

I am super excited and thrilled to say that I start my new job on Friday 5th February.  Random date, but it's just because I had my London trip booked.  

Now I don't intend on being a sales assistant for the rest of my life, but like I said it pays the bills. I think one day, maybe... this could be my job. Blogging. 

Being 22, and 23 in five months is scary when I don't have a clue what I want to do for the rest of my life. I feel like these days everyone kinda of expects you know exactly what it is you want to do but I have no clue. My boyfriend is always very supportive of any decisions that I make, which is one the of the many of reasons I love him.   
It scares me not knowing what the future holds, although I know some people like that idea but I don't. I don't plan my weeks out day by day, but I like planning things advance. I like knowing what i'll be doing next month. 

I think if your in job or situation that are really aren't happy with. It's your life, you can change it, make it better. No matter whats dragging you down I am strong believer that you can make it all better. My life changed in 2 days... new job.. new start.. happier me!! 

I hope that this post can help at least one person, make them believe that it is ok change things up. Everyone deserves to be happy.  

Thanks for reading,  see you all soon. 


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