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Now you may be thinking this is a random post, but I have read a few other bloggers "What's In My Bag" and as a nosy kinda person I love to read these types of posts. So I thought i'd write my own, for my fellow nosy friends. I know I'm not the only one!  Let's jump inside.

Well first i'll start with my bag.. Which is my B-E-A-UTIFUL Ted Baker handbag with Rose Gold details, which my wonderful boyfriend got me for Christmas. 

Inside the handbag it comes with its own little purse /bag which I think is super handy as this bag doesn't have any inside pockets. This seems to be where I keep half of my lipstick collection!!  In there I have;
Rimmel London - Kate- 42, 08,43
Rimmel London- the only one 200
L'Oreal -Mon Jules 430 
Maybeline super stay 24 color 
Blistex Daily Lip conditioner 
( This stuff is my holy grail of lip balms, this fixes my chapped lips every time no matter how bad they are, its always in my handbag)  

As much as I love makeup I'm not someone who touches up my makeup throughout the day (other than my lipstick obviously) so you'll see there is no other makeup in my handbag unless I'm traveling somewhere. 

My purse is from river island, I'm looking into getting the matching Ted Baker purse to go with my bag, just because I like things to match..but this one is keeping me going for now.

Tangle Teezer.. This thing is a must have in my handbag, as someone who is desperately trying to grow out my hair. My gradually growing hair gets a fairly tangled throughout the day. 

Palmer's Coco Butter Hand cream, I love this stuff. I have a huge bottle of it at home too. Its's a perfect handbag size and with this cold winter weather my hands tend to need a little lovin' 

Eau De Toilette from Body shop,  this smells amazing and has been my go to scent at the moment. 

Lastly I have recently started to make sure that I always have my 2016 Diary in a bid to make my life more organised... and its super cute, owls are the cutest. 

That's everything that's in my bag, thanks for being nosy!! 

see you all soon

P.S what's you handbag must have?? 

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