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Hey Hey, Welcome back.

I really wanted to do a spring post, as I love spring. It's a sign Summer is on it's way. Spring is when all the colours start to become bolder and brighter and everything just looks so much better. I also really wanted to make some Easter related goodies, and as i'm not a master baker I thought I should choose something that would be easy, and basically didn't involve turning the oven on.  So I went with Easter nests, I don't know if they have another name or not that's just what iv'e always known them.  As my boyfriend is from Latvia hes never had one before so that made my mind up for sure, I was defiantly making them. 

I think these have to be the easiest thing ever to make all I used was: 

  • Cornflakes, I know some people use shredded wheat, but I have always used cornflakes
  • Milk chocolate, although I think they would be really nice with dark chocolate too 
  • Mini eggs, I decided to mix it up a little and use different chocolate eggs ( mini eggs, smarties eggs, milky bar eggs, golden eggs) 

First step is melt the chocolate bars until smooth. I used the bain-maire method to melt it.
Once it was all melted I added in the cornflakes. I didn't have any measurements for this, I kind of just guessed everything all the way. To be honest you can't really go wrong. 

Once It was all in the cake cases, I placed the mini eggs on top how I wanted them. I like mix matching with different colours and types of mini eggs.  I really white chocolate with the golden eggs!! Nom Nom!! 

I found these super cute cake cases in Pound Land. Yes 24 cake cases for £1, I love a bargain. 

So that's my baking done, for another year!! Haha.

What's you favourite type of mini eggs? 
Mini has to been the orginal mini eggs, although milky bar eggs are a close contender! 

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