Happy Mothers Day

Hey, Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful mothers out there!!  

My mum, like all mums has always done her best for her daughter, growing up I think this was something I took for granted. Now i'm old and I know better I truly see just how wonderful my mum is!!   Being teenager living at home with my parents everything was always so tense screaming and shouting, I was a teenager and determined to be right about EVERYTHING! ( sorry mum, sorry dad  aha)  

Now I have moved out I don't see my parents all that much, maybe two or three times a month...
 I remember a conversation from when I was younger that I had with my cousin, she told me that when you leave home, that's when she truly becomes your friend. She was right. I'm truly grateful for for everything that my mummy has done for me, so mothers day us the perfect opportunity to show my wonderful mum just how much I love her and how much she means to me. 

Yes I did leave all the gift buying to last minute, but I still got everything just in time. I'm somebody who sucks at gift buying, all year round I can think of mass amounts of things to buy for for everybody but when it finally comes round to buying the gifts I get a mental block.. am I the only one??? please tell me i'm not.  aha 

These are the few things that I picked up for her, The extremely cute makeup bag I got from a little shop in town called Vinegar Hill, I love this shop all though I don't go in there very often but i'm forever admiring their window displays as I walk past. 

I also popped into The Body Shop, I don't normally like to buy gift boxes like this as gifts because I don't feel very personal or like there's much thought gone into it. But the gift boxes in the body shop are just so cute and they all packaged so nicely. This British Rose set smells incredible and I know that I would be very happy to receive this for my self, in fact I nearly brought 2...

Of course I brought a bottle of bubbly, because it's a celebration, and well I do love Martini Asti * insert heart eyed emoji* 

The Liz Earl cleanse and polish is only a travel sized one that I received with my recent purchase, I think she'll really like it, and I was considering buying the full size for mothers day but it's always best to test out these kind of products first. But if she does like it I may buy it her for Christmas or her birthday. ( Because I'm a good daughter aha )  Plus I think the travel size just makes a nice little extra. 

To the worlds best Mum, Thank you so much for everything you have ever done for me.
 I Love You lots and lots.




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