Spring Walk

Hey there, it's not very often that I get chance to hang out or do anything remotely fun with my friends. So when I do get a chance I jump at it! This morning we decided to go for a walk, mostly to try to help us get rid of out hangovers from lasts antics. A few months ago /my self and Martin went for a walk up the Wrekin, which is huge hill about 10 minuet drive from where we live. The view from the top is well worth the hike!! Although it was a little cloudy we still had an amazing view. And it was so nice to be out and about rather than sat at home.

This isn't going to be a chatty post, but I wanted to share my day as I had a really nice time. I enjoy going on walks but I don't do it enough, my walk to work isn't that exciting to be honest!  

Yh, so not even half up I had to take a pit stop.... #unfit is an understatement 

I had some catching up to do, so I ran..... Bad move. bad move!!  

So that was our walk up and down the hill. I'm glad the weather stayed dry for us, just a shame the sun didn't want to come out and play!!  But none the less it was a great cure for a hangover!! 

Hopefully next time we go up the sun will be out and I get a tan.... Ha!! A girl can dream. 

See you all next time, thanks for reading!!




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