JamBerry Nail Wrap Review

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I know I haven't blogged in a while, just feeling very uninspired. And nothing really all that exciting has been happening lately. But this week I was sent some pretty nails wraps, I so impatient to try them that I couldn't wait to take photos when they arrived. Although these were sent to me this is not a sponsored post and all opinions will be my own. As JamBerry are only just launching in the UK, they were offering free samples and who am I to say no to anything free. Plus i'm always up for trying out new things! 

JamBerry was started up by 3 sisters in 2010, after a expensive visit to the nail salon it gave them the idea to create a line of Do it yourself nail wraps. The wraps are made with durable materials, so you never have to deal with streaks, smudges or chips. also means there is no drying time. They say the wraps last up 2 weeks. They have over 300 different designs to choose from so can really choose what suits you best. 

As much as I love doing my nails, it so unbelievably time consuming and knowing my luck before they have had chance to try I will chip and smudge all 10 nails to the point of needing to start again. But i'm not a fan of false nails because of how much they damage your natural nails, I spent ages growing out my nails after years of biting them, i'm not about to go back to weak brittle nails after all that. These wraps supposedly don't damage your nails ( i'll have to get back to you about that) 

Now i'm not the best at anything remotely arty, I never have been and never will be. that's fact. I can do one simple colour all over my nails and that's that. But I love how amazing nails look with a little something extra. 

1 week Later....

I thought I was going to take a few pictures with these nail wraps on, but they barely lasted 3 days so I only managed to get one photo that was worth sharing. I tried out 2 different patterns but I only managed to get photos of this pattern. I have a very hands on job, meaning anything I put on my nails has to be durable. I just didn't find these had what it takes. 

Although I found them super easy to apply they didn't quite do what the packet says...
I thought I had applied the wraps well, I followed all the instructions to the T but still the edges started to peel away which meant they caught on everything. which you all know is damn right annoying! Theses nails would would be lovely for a weekend away out and about although I'm not 100% sure i'd could see them lasting the 2 weeks they claim to last.  I can safely say that the wraps have not damaged my nails which is something I was concerned about, this is very much a plus for me but I'm still not convinced I would pay £15 for a full set of wraps. 

If I have to rate these nail wrap out of 10 i'd give them 8/10 

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