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Hey Guys welcome back to Hannah's Beautiful Life.  How is everything?  Hope everyone had a great Bank Holiday weekend ( slightly behind, buy hey ho) 

So after recently finding out that my boyfriend needs to go in for a operation on the day that we were due fly out to New York, absolute bummer but he comes first. Always!!  There was a lot of makeup that I was putting off buying simply because we were going to New York, so when we went on a spontaneous shopping trip to the Bull Ring in Birmingham I went a little OTT and brought loads of stuff and spent so much money that i'm kind of ashamed of my self!! aha  There are so many brands that I have dying to try, but the wait is now over!!  SO without further ado here's my haul...

For the life of me I couldn't tell you what order I brought these in, I was darting in all sorts of directions when we arrived. Martin was so so patient with me as I dragged him around all the shops ( whilst hinting birthday present ideas)  

Of course I was going to buy the Benefit Hoola bronzer, because I could never say i'm a makeup lover if I didn't have this in my collection! I finally get to see what the hype is all about.  I'm in love!!!  I have also been dying to try Rockateur, I did my best to capture that shimmer!! Still didn't do it justice, it's beautiful. Through out Debenhams there was a 10% off deal for the bank holiday and at the Benefit counter if you spent over a certain amount they were giving away a free Boi-ing concealer. And who doesnt love free stuff?? 

I have been longing for MAC lipsticks for sooooo long, and I will be going back in the very near future ( maybe next pay day aha )  I picked "Twig" and "All fired up" two very different shades but still two shades I wear a lot!  Weirdly they smell really nice, not normally something I tend to notice with a lipstick but this time I did and I liked what I smelt.. aha 

I don't actually have a photo of the Too Faced Melted Lipstick with it's box, I guess I just never took one.. I have heard so many great things about this product I am still yet to actually try in out but I expect i'm going to love it! 

It may seem like a really simple thing, but I had never purchased anything from Victoria's Secret before and I really don't know why. I can easily say I will be going back as this underwear is by far the comfiest I have ever owned. I'm in love. I had to do my best not to spend all my money in here there was so much stuff that I wanted/ needed! aha  maybe next time.

Obviously all of this shopping we worked up an appetite, we wanted to try somewhere we had never been before but I wanted to go somewhere I thought we may have a nice meal. There's nothing worse than having a lovely day out and about and then having it ruined by a bad dinning experience. Is that just me?  So after watching yet again one of Zoella's video's  she was raving about Bill's Restaurant and the food looked amazing, so when we were walking around and I spotted one I jumped at the chance to go in. I can easily say I had one of the best burgers of my life in there, and Martin also said his burger was amazing and probably the best he's had, which is quite impressive as he has a burger almost everywhere we go.  This photo is of the starter that we had, just looking at it is making my mouth water OMG these little sausages were to die for. I can't remember what they were called on the menu, but if your ever in there and see mini sausages in the starters ... get them! ( Also I'm pretty happy with this photo too)

We also stopped off at the food hall in Selfridges, I love macaroons. They look amazing, taste amazing safe to say these weren't around very long hence why I didn't have a better photo than this one. 

 I also managed to pick up a few pressies for my bestie while we out too which I hadn't planned on getting that day but I ended up finding more things for her.  I then popped into Holister, because everyone needs a hoodie from Holister aha, i'm so glad I brought it, I live in it. I love that the sleeves are actually long enough, I tend to find that most womans hoodies always have super short arms and I hate that. I usually buy mens hoodies. Whilst in there I picked up a few of the body mists and they smell A-M-AZING! 

I managed to squeeze in time to go into Primark too, although i didn't buy much in there as I'd been shopping in my local Primark just the week before so there wasn't anything else that I wanted other than a pretty summer dress. I was rather impressed with my self seeing as I normally spend at least £100 per visit.  I know I'm not the only one! 

Thanks for reading.

P.s I know i'm slacking a fair bit lately with my blog. but I haven't done anything worth blogging about lately all I seem to do is Eat, sleep, work, repeat!! 



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