Zoella Sweet Inspirations First Impressions

Hey, Long time no see!!  Can't actually believe we are in June already!

When I heard that Zoe was releasing another range I got so excited. This packaging is so so beautiful, its cute and elegant. I am yet to be disappointed with anything this lady does! I secretly have a massive girl crush on this women.. she's Just GOALS. A real Inspiration! 

Although I haven't brought everything from this range, I only went for the things that I am likely to use. but knowing me I'll be going back to get them at later date. I don't yet have the shimmer balm, that is something I will defiantly be purchasing but its out of stock everywhere and hasn't reached stores yet. ( as far as I know)

Of course I was going to pick up mist. I have both from the other collections and I love them. I find I i apply them a lot through out the day but I don't know a mist that you don't have to do that with.  At £8 a bottle you can't really go wrong with a day to day handbag mist. It smells incredible and as much as I love sweet scent sometimes sweet scents can be too sweet, well this isn't. Zoe has done so well at finding the right balance. I feel as though it can double up as a day and night time scent. 

I have used this "Double Creme" every single day since I brought it. A little goes long way with this stuff if you use too much then it does take a lot of time to rub everything in. This keeps me smelling A-M-Azing all day. The girls at work occasionally catch me sniffing my arms like a crazy lady.  But I can't help my self! 

I am yet to actually use these bath salts, but i have opened the packaging and just as the others do, they smell amazing. I can't wait to have a chilled out relaxing evening just so i can have a bath. We are having a slight heat wave at the moment in the UK so i'm really not feeling baths, just cool showers!! 
( I'll get back to you on these) 

This little bag... well its already really proven to be handy little thing. its a perfect size to put the little things that you have floating around in the bottom of your handbag. I used it the other day to put nail varnishes in when I went to my parents, Yes I got nail varnish on it already but I would rather that than my Ted Baker handbag and that's why I will always be using it from now on. 

My Zoella Corner, everything is too cute to put away in the draw! 

Thanks for reading, see you soon!! 



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