Ann Summers Bath and Body Collection: Boudior

Hey welcome back. It feels good to be back blogging I have to say. 
Today's post is a quick review on Ann Summers new Bath and body range that was released in stores just the other week. I would just like to say although I work for the company all opinions on these products will be my own. I did not pay full price for these products as I had staff discount, but they are all very reasonably priced. 
The packaging across the whole range is so pretty and ever so girly so of course I was going to love it. it's all a pretty baby pink with black detailing keeping it all very elegant. With these products having a sweet vanilla scent, I was worried that it would be too sweet but they have done very well to find the balance. 
I'll start with my favorite thing in the collection, which is the Vanilla Body Oil £10 250ml. OMG I can not get enough of the scent, its beautiful.  I was expecting it feel very greasy and very .. well... oily. It's not. well at first when you apply it on your hands yes it does, but as soon as you start to massage it into the skin it vanishes and just leaves feeling silky smooth. and there's no need to walk around like a stick man waving yours around waiting for it soak in, its drys with in seconds which I love, as I am very impatient person.
My second favorite is the Vanilla Body Buff £8 for 250ml, once again the smell is amazing. Now we all know I love a good body scrub, so I had pretty high expectations of what I wanted this product to be like and boy did it live up to them (I've just tested it yet again on the back of my hand.. my hand is so soft right now.. and smells beautifully sweet aha ) This scrub is jam packed with crushed walnut shells which helps to buff away all the dead skin. 
The vanilla body Lotion £8 250ml. When you first squeeze it out the tube it already feels very light and airy with its whipped like texture. As soon as you rub it into your skin it soaks in really quick which I love, I hate when body lotions feel heavy on the skin and take for ever to soak into the skin.  It leaves your skin feeling super soft and you'll smell amazing. especially when paired with the body buff!  *wink wink* 

Lastly we have the Vanilla Bath Elixir £8 250ml. So if you haven't guessed it yet ... it smells so good. You need the smallest amount to create hundreds of bubbles, and it leaves the bathroom smelling beautifully sweet with its lovely vanilla aroma. It has a slight shimmer to it which if think is a lovely little touch. 

On line they are all buy 1 get one half price, or in store they are 3 for 2, but only for a limited time. 
Also in the collection they have released A bunny shaped bath bomb £5 and a bunny shaped soap £5 along with a willy shaped soap £5 (because you know it is Ann Summers after all)  They also have A beautiful minis set £15 in which you get a mini body buff, mini body lotion and mini body oil. (they are all super cute and you get a little bag to store them all in and take with you where ever you please) 
Okay enough rambling from me, let me know if you try any of these out, it'll be great to know what you think!!  I think they'll make great little gifts for friends and family.
Thanks for reading, see you all soon 
Hannah xx 



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