Moving to Brighton??

Hey Hey, welcome back!! 

So Brighton has been one of those places that for as long as I can remember I have wanted to visit, and boy was it worth the wait. As soon as we got there I was in love!!  The road we drove in on looked amazing, the houses were amazing, the view was amazing... are you seeing a theme yet? 

We parked up and decided to walk around before checking into the hotel. So whilst walking around for just less than an hour I saw Alfie Deyes.. I had a mini freak out not gonna lie, I was far to chicken to say Hi and he walked past me so quickly that I was just in shock... aha I spent the rest of my weekend hoping I'd see him again, but no such luck!! Hey ho, maybe next time!! We checked into the hotel, googled a few places and things to do and places to eat. If you follow me on Instagram you may or may not know that I have been doing slimming world for 5 weeks now, but i decided to eat what the hell I wanted just for the weekend, we ate steak and drank wine for dinner, walked along the beach and along the pier and ate churros smothered in sugar, and drank cocktails and of course we had gelato, I had to see what all the fuss was about with BoHo Gelato's carrot cake gelato, well now I know and it's damn good that I don't live in Brighton or i'd be there every day!! But I really want to start looking into moving there, my boyfriend and I both really enjoyed out time there and loved the area, the air was just fresh and I felt so relaxed and chilled out there and the though of coming home mad me really quite sad. We will go and visit a few more times before we make any decisions so maybe in a year or so... you never know what the future holds. 

Rather than talking you through what we did step by step I'm just going to insert lots of photos of our time away.. Enjoy!! 

I may or may not have stood in the splash zone... my bad!! 

It was lovely to visit you Brighton, I will be back for you don't you worry!!! 

So that's all of my photos, well there's still quite a few more but I don't have all day to upload, but I think that's more than enough! 

Hope you enjoyed looking through my trip in Brighton, 
Thanks for reading

See you soon!! 





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