Day In the Life of Hannah - London edition

Hey Hey, welcome back. Firstly I will apologize that there was no post on Sunday, I was doing so well with posting twice a week, the this trip happened and I didn't have a post ready. So I missed one but we'll just have to get past that one.

I recently took a trip down to London with my boyfriend and his brother and sister in law. I hadn't seen them for a while so its always nice to have a catch up and neither of them had ever been to London so we thought it would be nice to have a night away from normality and enjoy the city life. 

London isn't somewhere I go all that often so this is only the 3rd time I have ever been, and this time I feel as though I really enjoyed everything. Last time all the underground stressed me out and I had no idea how to deal with it all, this time I loved it. I found it crazy to think that so many people use it every single day and it's the only way to get around the city with such ease. Now i'm back in my little town and I walk everywhere or just drive there.. because I can without thinking about traffic (at least not too much anyway)  I always use to think that I would hate the hustle and bustle of a city as I've always been a country girl but I just feel more at home when everything is moving a little faster which is another reason I loved Brighton so much.  If you haven't seen my Brighton post yet i'll link it HERE 

I'll insert lots of photos with what we got up to on our days away, although we went to Madame Tussauds I haven't added in any photos simply because I'm not sure it's all that interesting to look other people photos and not many of them were great quality to be honest. so Yeah.. aha I think next time we pay London a visit I would really love to do a little bit of shopping and see that side of London, maybe a Christmas, I think it would just be wonderfull at that time of year, with all the lights!!  (I'm already excited) 

I'll also say sorry for the miss match of the photo quality, I really enjoyed playing around with the manual settings and making photos a little brighter and getting the know the camera a little better, where as my boyfriend likes to use the automatic setting, which is usually fine but doesn't work well with gloomy England especially when night time comes... 

 The first photo is chestnuts, simply to remind us all it's now Autumn... which means cozy jumpers and berry lips - hands up who's excited *Me*   Although throughout our time in London we didn't need our coats or anything because Britain has decided to stay rather warm..makes a change!! 

I got photo bombed -  cheers Kaspar!!  aha 

I hope you enjoyed scrolling through my weekend away, I love blog post that have a lot of photo content as I'm much more of a visual kind of person. And a picture says a thousand words right? 

If your reading this, you actually read/ made your way to way to the end of my post so thank you!! And I love you! 

Also in case any one was wondering, all my out fits are pretty much H&M. It was the first time in while that I actually felt good in fashionable clothes!! So thank you H&M.

Thanks for reading
until next time! 

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