Origins Charcoal Mask Review

Hey Hey!! 

I have waited patiently for so long to buy this, and I finally caved. I had to have it in my life!!

If you hadn't already noticed my post today is a review on the Origins Charcoal mask. *spoiler alert- I love it.  I decided to finally buy it the other day as I have recently been trying to improve my skin care and I have heard so many great things about this brand in general but the things I heard about this mask had me super intrigued. Seeing as I wasn't jumping for joy about spending £25 on a face mask that I didn't even know if I was going to like, I decided to use my boots advantage card points.  Now after trying it, I will be be buying it again, with real money and I'll be more than happy to do so.

I have only used it a few times but I can see a difference in my skin after using it. My face feels cleaner and fresher. I feel as though any dullness my skin had has been lifted. This is going to be a favorite of mine after a long week at work for a chilled out pamper evening!  it left my face feeling super soft, I couldn't stop touching my face. I also feel like it had got rid of a fair few of my black heads. I have always had loads on my nose and while ago I had so many that it made it difficult to apply makeup, no matter what I did I just couldn't cover them up. But after using this a few times and seeing the difference in such a short space of time, I feel as though this is going to be my new best friend. 

The activated charcoal in this mask is said to act like a magnet to pull out any dirt and grime that builds up and cloggs your pores, leaving your skin looking and feeling super refreshed. 
They say to use this as many times a week as you feel necessary. 

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