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Hey, so this will be a short as sweet post. I just want to share with you something that I recently received. A lovely girl named Hannah on Instagram messaged me a few weeks ago asking if I would like to try out her wax melts. She has just started up her own business, which I think is amazing I wouldn't even know where to begin. She kindly sent me these wax melts for free, which I'm very grateful for (I got a little excited, no one has ever wanted to send me anything before. I squealed a little not gonna lie)  and she kindly let me choose 2 scents from her choice of just over 100...!!  I chose "Nutmeg" and "Toasted Marshmallow"  and I had a pleasant surprise when I opened my package to see she had popped in a 3rd melt which was "Harvest Moon" 

The aroma these melts give off is insane, but with out being over powering. Just  a light subtle scent around my home. I'm in love. Great shipping, she got them to me super quick. 

Check out her website here..

Go and support her and follow her on 

I did have 2 single pots, but I used one and didn't think to keep the pot because I'm a bad blogger. 

Each melt is individually hand made with Eco friendly soy wax in her kitchen at her home in Derbyshire. Each melt is said to be able to use twice but I have that I'm 3 - 4 uses out them especially with the toasted marshmallow. Each single melt is £1.20, I think they are amazing value for money, and come pay day I do think I will be going back to her website and purchasing a few more scents.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you go and show her your support shes such a lovely lady!! 

P.s Hannah didn't ask for me to write this post, I chose to because I genuinely loved the products I received




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