September 2016 Favorites

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Autumn is very much on its way and I couldn't be any more excited. I have had a few beauty products that have been standing out to me this month and a few old favs that have been my go items and I wanted to share them with you. Monthly favorites post are quite possibly one on my favorite posts read and write. I love knowing what people have been loving each month. 

I can easily say that origins Charcoal face mask has been a solid staple in my skin care routine for the whole of September, I think it will continue be a favorite of mine through out the rest of the year. 

Second thing I've been loving this month is my all time favorite lip stick, Charlotte Tilbury Glastonberry. It's a stunning berry colour perfect for this time of year. And we all love some rose gold packaging !! 

My third favorite is another lipstick just a little more affordable which is the Rimmel London 107. For a  drugstore lipstick the staying power of this lipsticks never disappoints, It genuinely leaves me shocked some days. 

My fourth favorite this month is my new BarryM nail polish in the colour Copper Mine. OMG it is my dream colour, I can't believe I waited so long to have this in my life! It's really long lasting too. 

My fifth favorite this month is also another new item. Garnier Micellar oil infused water. I have used this every single day since I brought it, I just cant get enough of how my skin feels after using it. 

Clairns lip oil is my sixth favorite this month. I'm not gonna lie I did forget I had it for a while but I rediscovered it and fell in love with it all over again. It never fails to give my lips a little bit more love, a damn good purchase if I do say so my self! 

My next favorite this month kinda counts as two but i'm keep it as one. It is my Naked Pallets, the two I've been loving the most are naked 2 and naked 3. There are 3 shades in particular that I've been loving, Half Baked, Chopper and Trick. They are all lovely shimmery bronze/coppery/gold colours and I love them. Perfect for autumn. 

Nearly at the end, My next favorite is my Sleek solstice Highlight palette. Well this pallet is the definition of beautiful. There are four different highlights in this pallet one being a cream highlight which is perfect when your going for a dewy look. Each highlight is so perfectly pigmented! 

YvesSaintLaurent Black Opium..well where do I begin with this one.. This has been a firm fav of mine since it was gifted to me for birthday back in June. I reach for this every single day. ever since smelt it in the airport duty free last year I knew I needed it my life. Its one of my all favorite perfume.

My final favorite this month is my coco butter Vaseline, as you can tell by the battered tin it is very well loved. It's had a firm place in my hand bag this month, it's been every where with me this month and my lips are defiantly thanking me for it. I love try out more expensive lip treatments but for less than £2 you really can't go wrong with this little gem, and when you get bored of the scent you change it up with Aloe Vera, rose or keep it simple with the original. But the coco butter is my all time personal favorite. 

What have been your favs this month? 

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