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Over the years of a downhill spiral with this obsession with makeup, I have found I now have a small collection of makeup brushes. How I use to do my makeup without brushes I will never know, thought sends shivers down my spine.  I had a emergency the other week where I needed to apply my foundation without my trusty blending sponge because I left it at home like the idiot I am. I never use to realise how much effort it takes to blend with your fingers... who has time for that.. seriously? It also makes me wonder .. Did I actually use to blend my foundation at all...? 

I'm going to go through all of my go to brushes, the ones that I can't go a day without. I'll start with face brushes and then to eye brushes. Also i'm sorry that the brushes aren't clean #sorrynotsorry   we all know they get get a little grubby especially when they get used every single day. I assure you now they get cleaned once a week.. as long as I remember any way.  You may notice that not all time I use these brushes for what they say they should be used for, I just do what works best for me. 

Real Techniques: Bold Metals Powder Brush 103

First brush is the Real Rechniques Bold Metals Powder brush, I fell in love with this brush since the day I brought it, the bristles are so amazingly soft. It's able to pick up and hold the perfect amount of product I find it perfect for powder. Because of the slight angle of the brush its perfect for powdering under the eyes and sweeping over your face. 

Real Techniques: Powder Brush 

You may start to notice a theme.. I love real techniques although in all honesty I haven't tried many other brands, I hope to change that soon.  The next one is another powder brush, but the original powder brush, I tend reach for this one when I want an all over bronze  to add a little extra colour to my face, lets be honest we don't get an awful lot of sunshine here in England. So I need all the help I can get.  The super fluffy brush allow for a lovely even coverage. 

Real Techniques: Blush Brush 

The next must have the RT Blush Brush, I absolutely love this brush again this brush is super soft *who's shocked, I'm not* This brush is the perfect shape for applying blusher to the apples of your cheeks as the tapered bristles give it a lovely domed shape. 

Real Techniques: Multi Task Brush 

My next brush is the RT Multi Task brush this brush I use for contouring/ bronzing. I don't think I've mastered the skill of contouring just yet but this brush is defiantly helping me get there. The bristles are fairly dense so I find this brush packs on a lot of colour if your not careful. 
Real Techniques: Bold Metals Blush Brush 300

My Last face brush is yet another RT brush, this one the Bold Metal Blush Brush. Firstly I love the colour of this brush.. it's rose gold so who wouldn't, right?  the tapered bristles give it a domed like shape which I think makes it perfect for applying highlighter. It's the perfect size to fit along your cheek bones. It also holds just the right amount of product and allowing you to build the product up to your desired intensity. 

Now the next face item I think is a no brainer.. and that is the real Techniques face sponge. If you do not own a blending sponge go out and but one now. I can't live without it, it is the most important item in my makeup bag. It allows to create such a beautiful, even, flawless converage. Even on skin that isn't beautifully flawless!! 

Onto eye brushes and there's no shocking in knowing that most of these are also RT brushes. 

Real Techniques Bold Metals: Domed Eye Shadow Brush 200

The first of many loved eye brushes is one of the newer brushes in my collection, this brush is perfectly shaped for blending out those messy edges and creating a smoother transition between shades. once again its super soft

Real Techniques:Shader Brush 

This brush I find perfect for applying that darker shade into the crease, it's small yet fluffy so it has the ability to get into the smaller places and still blend out the colours. 

Urban Decay Double ended brush: Naked 3

I will admit it does vary which end I use each time, the flatter end is great for you want to create a soft subtle crease look and the other end is lovely a fluffy and I find great for blending out the transition shade. 

Random Ebay Brush by Lydia Professional

  This brush was one of my first brushes and it's still going strong, I wish I could say the same for rest of the set they didn't break the bank so i'm not too fussed. I love to use this brush for applying shadow under my eyes the bristles are soo soft and it doesn't feel scratchy on the delicate skin and it holds a good amount of product. 

Barry M Angled brush 

I have been loving using this brush to tidy up my eye brows with concealer, since I am still learning how to get my eye brows on fleek... this has been my life saver. The bristles are dense enough to hold just the right amount of product and make it easy to work with. It actually blends out any excess product pretty well too as long as you aren't too heavy handed with it! 

An Old Mascara Wand.. 

Now I know a few people will say "just go buy a spoolie" well my answer to you is just why, this works perfectly well for taming my eye brows and getting them to go in the desired direction! and it cost me nothing.. other than the price of the mascara obviously.

So that is my top brushes that I have to use every single day without fail.. unless I've decided to go makeup free of course. 

Whats your must have makeup brush? Is there one you think I must own? 
I am looking into getting a Spectrum set .. I think, just need to think if they are worth the money or not. 

Thanks for reading. 



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