Fishmore Hall Hotel and Spa First Impressions

Oh hey there, Thanks for coming back. You may or may not (If not go check it out HERE)  have seen my last post where I spoke about the the new addition to the stunning Hotel which is the spa.  Now if your from the area you will know that really isn't anything like this near by which is something that I think makes it even more special. As you drive into to hotel car park you will immediately  notice the the spa cabin, but not in a bad way it blends beautifully into its back drop just like it's meant to be there. It looks totally different every time the weather changes and at different times of the day so you really do feel all kinds of atmospheres here. As soon as you enter the contemporary cabin its warm and welcoming and your greeted by friendly faces of the girls on reception. 

 I recently had a spa day, and it was AMAZING! I've never had a day where I was able to spend the whole day just chilling in the hot tub, then make my way to the sauna to the steam room and then back to hot tub and then go for an hour facial.  I felt so relaxed! When in the hot tub you feel as though you have been completely transported out of Ludlow and somewhere far far away, you don't get any disruption from the hotel and there's no road side noise. So the treatment that I had after spending the whole afternoon bouncing between the sauna, hot tub, steam room, sauna, steam room.. was the Bio Tech Skin Resurfacer  which takes roughly 55 mins. although it didn't feel like that at all! 

" The revolutionary clinically proven* facial addresses skin tone, blemishes, and fine lines to transform the texture of the skin. The ultrasonic peel, massage and light therapy deliver a complexion that has never been smoother" 

After discussing with Sophie (the spa manager) about my skin type and my problem areas are at the moment we decided that this one would be the most beneficial to me, and boy was she right, I could feel my skin thanking me right after the facial and since then my skin has only been getting better.  

Now I know that one facial wasn't going to fix my skin completely, there and then. So I wanted to know what I could do to help improve my problematic skin. It's mostly hormonal at the moment. But I get those really annoying spots that never really come to anything they are just sore and sit beneath the skin. So  the products that she recommended for me try the  Norishing Omega-Rich Cleansing oil which I am still yet to purchase as these products aren't cheap (even with discount, the perks of your boyfriend being in management)  but I did buy the Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Wash and the S.O.S Emergency Cream. So far with these 2 products alone my skin has dramatically improved. I still have few spots but my overall complexion has improved so so much. I literally couldn't be happier. I have tried so many products to tame my skin.

I'm thinking I probably do a review on these products do I'm not going to talk about them to much. If you can't wait for that then I have linked up all the names so can go check them out on the website. 

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