January Fav's

Hey Hey, so the end of January has very quickly rolled around and I'm already afraid how quick I can see this year flying by, as fast as this month came to an end I still had plenty of time to fall in love with a few new beauty products. Since the spa opened at Fishmore I have loved using Elemis products my skin just seems to agree with them, I have been using these products for around 2 months and I use all four religiously every day. 

January Favourites

Elemis Cleansing oil has been a god send to me, for ages i'd been looking for something to take my makeup with ease, I find removing my makeup to be a bit like a chore. Don't get me wrong I love that feeling you get when you take off you makeup from a long day but finding the motivation to actually do it is something I lack if i'm honest. But with this oil cleanser it take less than 3 mins to take it all off including the stubborn mascaras. 

Elemis Cleansing Oil

Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing face wash, originally I wasn't convinced I was going to get on with this product, I struggle with believing what the bottle has to say but this product has mad me believe again. I really do think this has mad a big difference to my skin. it helps to get rid of those pesky under the skin spots that hurt and to buff away some of that dry skin that we all hate at this time of year. We can't control the weather so we just have to learn to manage the affects it has on us!

Elemis Dynamic resurfacing wash

Elemis Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Nigh Cream, This one was a generous gift from boyfriend for christmas. For a while I have been searching for a night cream that moistourises my skin but without it feeling oily in the morning. I either found creams thats didn't do anything or I felt like I dunked my face in bowl of oil, I just couldn't find a happy medium. Until this beauty! THANK YOU, Elemis for creating this product!! and thank you Martin !!  *Insert heart eye 
emoji here* 

Elemis Pro Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream

Are you beginning to see a theme yet? Just one more than i'll move on I promise! 

Elemis SOS Emergency Cream, This cream is a intensive moisturiser and helps to improve blemishes and sooth the skin. Not only does this cream moisturise the skin you can actually feel it working as soon as you put it on. it has a thick consistency but it doesn't feel heavy or like like it's blocking your skin. 

Elemis SOS emergency cream

Ok I'm done with Elemis.. for now.. 

Zoella Daisy Picking Candle, Now I am a massive fan of Zoe's new lifestyle range, I'm actually in love. Ever since I started watching her videos and reading her blog I have wonder why she hasn't brought out her own range of candles or room diffusers, and now she has and they are just as amazing as I imagined them to be. Now that winter is coming to a close I am longing for spring and summer and the scent of this candle completely transports me to a world where it is summer.I will defiantly be repurchasing this one as well as try out a few of scents. 

Zoella Picking Daises

Fluffy Jacket from H&M, Since my parents brought this jacket for me for Christmas I have lived in it, I have been after a warm jacket for a while. Don't get me wrong I love my over sized coat as it's oh so warm but it can be a little frumpy at times. but this jacket keeps me  toasty warm whilst looking like I have some clue about fashion.. 

L'Oreal 24 hour Infallible foundation,  I have tried a fair few foundations in the past and I have a few favorites but this is one that I have worn every single day all throughout January.  This foundation has amazing coverage and if you love a matte finish you will probably like this. 

L'Oreal Infallible

NYX liquid Lip Sticks, I know I was a little late jumping onto the NYX band wagon, but better late than never right. Great quality for money and amazing choice of shades but my most recent fave is Stockholm, it's such beautiful nude. Iv'e wearing it with a slightly darker lip liner and iv'e been loving the combo. 

NYX Liquid LipStick

BodyShop Coconut Shimmering Body Butter, Holy crap. I think I just found my all time fave body butter and it's going to be so so perfect for summer I can't wait. If you want to transform into a sparkly unicorn (or look nice and glowy, but that doesn't quite as good) it also leaves your skin feeling silky smooth annnd it smells like summer holidays and why wouldn't you want that.  I can normally give or take body shop body butters but I was immediately drawn in by the scent of this one and then even more so when I realized it was on sale. Happy days! 

BodyShop Body Butter

Now for my final fave for January.. although I there are many others that I've been loving but I can't list them all. 

L'oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask, Since the release of these face masks they seem to have had a lot of hype in the blogging world and once again I gave into to hype and I'm so glad i did, I love it. I can't say anything else about it you just have take my word that it's amazing and try it. I find that other face masks that are detoxifying can leave my skin feeling fairly dry but this one doesn't my skin just feels smoother and cleaner. 

So that's 10 of my January faves.. what have been you must haves for January? 

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The Before photo.. just a pile of everything I needed so I didn't forget stuff...
 I still forgot stuff. Story of my life. 

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