My Morning Skin Care Routine

Hello there, welcome back lovelies. 

I have wanted to write a skin care routine post for so long, but I felt like I never really had routine sorted out never mind something to write about. I have a love hate relationship with my skin. Some days it can be fine and barely any blemishes and others I have spots popping up all over my face. I hate not knowing what I'm going to be looking at in the morning, I mean I know you can never guarantee that you wont wake up to a spot or 2 but I have with my new skin care routine I'm waking up to fewer and fewer spots. 

In recent posts you will have noticed that I've been loving Elemis products, their ingredients just seem to agree with the balance my skin.

First thing in the morning that I do is wash my face with the Dynamic Resurfacing Face wash 200ml £30, while the price range is a little higher when it comes to Elemis I have come to terms with that and its worth it in my opinion.  I take 2 pumps in my hands and massage it into my skin than add a little water until it starts to foam still massaging in circular motions and then wiping away with a damp face cloth. You can immediately feel the difference with you skin. Baby bottom soft! This was contains white truffle oil which I still to this day think is weird but it does have some great benefits for the skin.

My next step is a new favorite of mine and that is the Pixi glow tonic, 250ml £18 and although some may think this is a little steep for a toner I think its worth it. I have the lovely ladies in M&S for this purchase I was originally just going to buy the Rose oil (my next step) but that talked it up so much that I couldn't leave without it. It gently exfoliates and removed dead skin cells for a Glowing finish. This is so highly raved about and I'm glad I brought as it has taken a firm place in my skin care routine. I saturate a cotton pad and gently swipe across my face. I never used to use a toner I never really saw the point in all honesty. Until now. This extra little step has made all the deference to my skin, after using it my skin feels tighter and ... well.. toned! 

My third step is something I have never used before.. ever! But I was very intrigued but the product. I find I tend to have quite dry skin so anything that helps combat that is a plus in my books. This Pixi Rose oil face oil, 30ml £26.  It feels so so hydrating on the skin and I really do think it has started to even out my skin tone. This contains some great nourishing oils such as rose oil-youth preserving oil, Pomegranate oil- packed with antioxidants and vitamins and Rose Geranium oil- to tone and balance skin tone. I have a fair bit of scarring from previous spot because as much as I know its bad to pick at those spots I just can't help it.  Now I know I'm not the only one! right? I hoping that this oil will help reduce the scaring as it evens my skin tone. 

My final step in my morning skin care is a good moisturiser, this one is the Liz Earl skin repair light moisturiser 50ml £20.25, I have rediscovered this one this month but it is a favourite of mine and I love that a little goes a long way with this product and I love that I actually feels like it's doing something when you apply it, but it doesn't take ages to soak into the skin. It contains oils such as borage oil which helps with inflammation you may have and avocado oil which is good for smoothing the skin and hydrating the skin. Plus is smells amazing too. 

I am really not a morning person so although this might seem like a lot to do first thing in the morning, I found that now I am in the routine of doing it takes me no longer than 10 mins in total. Then while the oil and moisturiser soak into my skin and prep it for my makeup, I go make a cup of tea, because  I can't not have a cuppa in the morning ... anyone else like that? I dread the day that my skin care all runs out at the same time because I know will happen at some point and when it does that will be a very expensive month... Its all worth it though. 

What does you morning routine entail? 

Keep your eyes pealed for next weeks post about my evening skin care

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