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Hey, so with valentines just around the corner I wanted to do a valentines themed makeup look. I am far from being a makeup artist nor am I a huge romantic, but I was rather chuffed with how my makeup turned out. I wanted to create something that was pink, girly and pretty. 

With out further ado... 

A lot of the makeup I used for this look were items that recently rediscovered. Such as the Garnier BB Blur cream, even though the lightest shade is a tad too dark for my skin tone I found it to be a great base for my foundation. Which leads me on to another rediscovery, the Rimmel London Lasting Finshish 25 hour colour, again the lightest shade of this is still that little bit too dark for me (I'm pale af)  I use to use this foundation ages ago but them found foundations equally as good so this little gem got forgotten about unfortunately. It says the coverage is full coverage but I feel as though it more medium to full coverage.

The advantage to my foundation being a tad too dark it makes my concealer look lighter therefore making my under eyes look a little brighter... silver lining and all that right? My concealer of choice for this look was my trusty Collection Lasting perfection in the shade Fair. This is my go to every single day.

With my base powdered into place with my Rimmel London Match Perfection lose powder, I went on to my eyes which I think is the main focus with this look so I chose some pinky shades from the beautiful Urban Decay Naked3 palette but I first but a layer of the Maybelline 24hour Colour Tattoo as a base which I thought was perfect for this look, its a subtly shimmery dusty pink but made the shadow on top look just that little bit more vibrant. And for the finishing touch I used my Barry M fine glitter dust ( Ican't seem to find this exact one but I have linked similar) in the center of my lid for that little extra sparkle. Because  I love a little extra sparkle. And to finish of my eye look I used a new edition to my makeup collection and that is the new L'oreal False Lash SuperStar XFiber, this is mean't to make it look like you have falsies on and while it does make you lashes look longer and thicker it doesn't seem to give them much curl even if you do use lash curlers.

As for giving my face a little colour back and some definition I used an old favourite, which is the Seventeen Instant glow and as this is a matte bronzer I like to use it as a contour and I like that it has a few peachy undertones to it which I think makes it a perfect bronzer for this look. I used my Benefit Rockateur blush paired with the MUA highlighter is the shade pink shimmer wich I thought was perfect for a romantic valentines look. 

And finally for a lip colour I used a much loved favourite of mine which it the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in the colour Stockholm which a beautiful nude shade.

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