Zoella made me buy it...

Hey, so I spotted a video going around on youtube towards the end 2016 called "youtube made me buy it" so I thought i'd my own version of that video and do a blog post on allll the things that Zoe has made me buy.  My bank account has never been too fond of her but my room smells and looks amazing and I currently smell like a giant gingerbread man so bank account can shut the hell up.. though its not just her products that I have been forced to buy there are a few beauty items that have been purchased too and I feel like a few of these items are fairly random. 

So here goes my list of items that Zoe made me buy..

Ghost: eclipse perfume. Zoe spoke about this perfume in a favorites video I believe and she said that it reminded her of summer holidays. So next time I was in town I popped in to my local boots and gave the perfume a sniff.. and carried it straight to the counter to purchase it. It had never been a perfume that I thought to look at before but I'm glad I did, now in the colder months it makes me think of summers times.  

Charlotte Tilbury- Glastonberry: Now if you are A Zoella fan you will now that this a very popular lipstick in her collection, and now I own this lipstick I see why. The colour pay off with it i amazing the colour is beautiful and the packaging is gorgeous whats not to love!! Although this one was a gift from my parents so it didn't make a dent in my bank account this time around it will do when I run out that for sure, I feel as though it's a colour i'm always going to need in my collection. 

Clarins Lip Oil: This product was defiantly one of my best purchases and has become one of my holy grail products in the colder months and your lips need just that little bit more lovin'. I brought the honey flavour but I next time I purchase this product I would like to try the raspberry one.

 Rimmel London- Kate 107 Lipstick: Yes yes yes I know It's another lipstick, and I solely believe that it's Zoe's fault that I have a slight obsession with lipsticks now. I used to just slap on a little lip balm or cheap lip gloss.. Start watching Zoe's videos and see the finer things in life and I want those..  But this now my go to lip stick most days, even in summer I quite like a bolder lip. 

Frends Rose Gold Headphones: I saw them. I wanted them. I got them. They are rose freakin' gold! Need I say more. My obsession is getting slightly out of hand but my boyfriend doesn't seem to mind too much yet.. he brought the head phones so he's only enabling my obsessiveness. But they are worth it,  I wanted some headphones that were bigger than the standard apples ones and I just love these ones. 

Maybelline- Lash Sensational: When I first brought this mascara I had a love hate relationship with it, just because I wasn't use to the plastic applicator. After a few failed attempts and a month or so of ignoring it's existence I gave it another go and loved it and I haven't looked back and I have repurchased it about 3 times since. 

Anything copper/ and fairy lights:  I have always loved any thing that Zoe does with her interior design it always just looks so perfect. I love how she puts fairy lights just about any where possible. and my thoughts were if she can make things look that good then why the  hell can't I. I live in small flat with my boyfriend so I only really have 2 rooms that I can load up with fairy lights and that's the living room and the bed room which is where most of them are. I have placed them around the head board on the bed around edges of mirrors shoved them in old candle jars and placed them on shelves anything I can wrap fairy lights around I will, and if they have copper balls on or they have a copper wire, then well that's even better. 


And lastly her own products of course, because you've got to had it to the woman she knows how to make some amazing beauty products. I think the Sweet Inspiration range is my all time fave! and her most recent launch of her lifestyle range. I am a proud owner of almost everything she released at the end 2016! 


Any one else been sucked in by Zoella's favorites?  what are they? 

Thanks for reading 

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