Happy Mothers Day

Hey there Lovelies. 

Once again it's that time of year where us kids get the opportunity to really show our mums just how much they mean to us. And yes I know, we should be doing it all year round but today's the day we go all out am I right!?
Now seeing as I don't live at home any more it's quite difficult to wake up and make up her cuppa tea in bed or whip up some pancakes, So I like to try and find a few gifts that I know (at least I hope so) that she'll love. Which is hard seeing as I suck at buy presents for any one, but I think I did good this year.

Unfortunately being the unorganized human that I am.. I wrapped said presents without taking photos ( and I call my self a blogger pfft) While out on my lunch break I went on little hunt and I popped into Clintons card shop and it has to be said they had some super lovely stuff in this year. My mum is like me and likes to have printed photos as they more sentimental. I guess I should say I'm like my mum.... I found a beautiful photo frame with a quote "Mum is your first friend, your best friend, your forever friend" Which I just loved and I think is so true. Yes there is that rocky period when your in your teens where you want nothing to do with your parents and you just want to grow up... Now I'm grown up I want my mum more and I appreciate her more. For all little things that she always did while I was growing up. 

I know you'll be reading this.... Mum I love you and truly are the best.
Thank you for being there whenever I needed you
Thank you for always making sure I had clean clothes 
Thank you for always putting food on the table
Thank you for always fixing my clothes because I can't sew for sh*t
Thank you for putting up with my stroppy teen years 
Thank you for simply being you!! 
I Love You Mum 

So the other week I had asked my mum if she would let me do her makeup and write a blog post about it.. she ever so kindly said yes. So not only did is give a new post but also chance to practice my makeup skills or lack of... this was my first time ever to do someones makeup other than my own. But I don't think I did too bad in all honesty!! I also thought it would be nice for my mum to have her makeup done, I know personally when I've got my face on I feel more confident and more sassy and ready to take on the world so I hoped that this would give my beautiful mum a little boost. 

On a normal day to to day bassis my mum doesn't wear all that much make up if at all, she does wear a little if she goes out. So I didn't want to do anything to OTT or too out of my comfort zone for that matter. I'm obviously not a professional by any means but I like to think I semi know what I'm doing... ish 


I started by prepping and priming the skin. To tone I used my trusty Pixi Glow Tonic and then went in with my Pixi Rose Oil to add a little hydration to the skin. Once that had soaked into to skin I used the Benefit Porefessional primer to help blur out any pores which my mum doesn't have all that many of. 
As slight base I used my Garnier BB+ blur cream in the shade "light" although my mums skin tone is much darker than mine this matched her perfectly as it's a fair bit to dark for me but I love it none the less (All products I used are ones that I have used for a while and know I love and would work) and for foundation I used Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25 hour in the shade "ivory" and once again this matched her skin tone better than mine. I then went into with the collection lasting perfection concealer in the shade fair, If I had to cover any blemishes this would have been to light for her but I only used to lighten and brighten under the eyes so its was perfect. With the base in place I set it all with the Rimmel London Match Perfection Loose face powder which I love more than any pressed powder.

 With our blank canvas I added a little colour and definition using my trusty Benefit Hoola bronzer. It continues to amaze me with just how many skin tones it will work with. My mum naturally has rosy cheeks, which is where I get it from, thanks for that by the way mum!! So I didn't want to use too much blusher but I did apply a small amount to the apple of her cheeks just to add a little pink and I used the Benefit Rockateaur blusher which I such a beautiful colour with slight shimmer. I added in a little highlight to her cheek bones, brow bone and cupids bow. You know all the standard places. I used The Balm Mary Lou Manizer, which I think is my all time favorite highlight. 

As for eyes I wasn't too sure what colours to go with, but she normally tend to go with a fairly dark shade on the outer corned but I want to do something a little different. I chose to use my Naked 3 pallet and do a look that I tend to do on my self quite a bit, so I knew all the shades would work together. So I started with "Limit" and base shade all over the lid and in the outer corner I used "nooner" which is almost the same colour just darker so helps to create some definition. I also dragged this colour little onto her lower lash line. I felt bad for the amount of times I asked her to open and close her eyes while trying to make sure I had taken the colour up enough or if it was even or if I had take it up too high and made her look like a clown of some sorts.. I didn't it was all good. I used "Buzz" in the center of the lid to add a little shimmer this is such a lovely shimmery pink and finally on the the inner corner I used a small amount of "Dust" which is a lovely baby dusty pink shade, just to lighten the inner corner. To complete the eyes I used L'oreal False lash Superstar XFiber which has the lengthing fibers.

And the face wouldn't be complete if we didn't do eye brows would it? My mum has fairly fair eyebrows so I didn't want to use any colours too dark so I mixed a few shades together I used my brow this way pallet from Rimmel London in the shade 003 Dark Brown but only using the powder and mixed that in with a little "buck" from my Naked pallet which made a prefect shade for her.

Your never fully dressed without a smile...or Lipstick. 

Thank you mum for letting me do you makeup

Thanks for reading 

Come Follow me... 



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