Hair Burst: Review

Hey lovelies!! It's Officially Spring!!! 

Today's post is one that has been three months in the making. It's finally time for me to write my Hair Burst review. Now if you follow on social media you may or may not know that a few years ago I tried hairburst for the first time but I was using the capsules, this time round I opted to try the chewable version. I can safely say I was thoroughly impressed with how the capsules worked they really did help to grow out my hair and thicken it. So I thought why not do it all again with the chewable vitamins my hair will grow just as fast, ( I recently cut 2 inches off to get rid of dead ends) and  I was wrong. It did not grow any where near as fast as it did the previous time. 

I know that Hair Burst don't claim for the chewables to be as effective, but I thought I would notice more than I have.. I'm sad that I didn't enjoy them as much as the capsules. I have noticed less shedding  and my boyfriend is ever so happy about that, and yes my hair has grown but just not that much, well a least I feel as though it hasn't. Throughout taking these vitamins I have been pretty bad at taking before and after photos each month.. But I did take one 1 in first week in and today just before I sat down to start typing... I'm not very organised with stuff like that aha  

Yes I have face mask on in the first I had just got out the shower... and second... I have spots deal with it aha... But as you can see there really isn't all that much difference in the length of my hair.. the before is slightly longer as I had cut it just after I'd taken the photo. I understand it's not all that easy to tell but both are boob length.. My hair does feel healthier and a little fuller but that's down to less fall out. 

Yes these ones do tastes so so much better, like strawberry and blackcurrant which I love but as mum always said when I was growing up "anything that tastes nice generally doesn't work as well" and once again Mother knows best *inserts eye roll emoji*  I'm not going to say I don't recommend Hair Burst because I do .. but capsules not the chewables. I know everyone is different so by all means give them ago you might find they work for you... But I will be returning to the capsules!  At £60 for a 3 months supply of either capsules or chewables... the price is fairly steep so I think i'll be waiting a while untill I repurchase these.

They say :Hairburst Chewable Gummies are an easy way to ensure you are taking the essential vitamins to maintain healthy, faster hair growth. We created this product for people who find it hard to swallow tablets. So now everyone can have the benefits that hairburst adds to your body. The yummy strawberry and blackcurrant flavour will want you taking more than just 2 tablets per day but please stick to the recommended 2 per day. 
Hairburst provides a different approach to hair maintenance, a professional product that works from the inside out. The tasty new way to improve your hair.
Hairburst is designed to combat the negative impact of poor nutrition, hair products, age and genetics so start your journey with hairburst today and fall in love with your hair.
 Food Supplement Containing:
  • Biotin
  • Selenium
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin B12 
  • Pantothenic Acid 

I would really love to try out other hair burst products, I'm intrigued by the new shampoo and conditioner that they have recently released and the organic Argon Oil

Check out their website here 

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I have discovered I have 2 months worth of the capsules so I will be doing a before and after for 2 months with those to see if they really do make a difference, this time i'll keep track with weekly photos, so keep your eyes pealed for that.

P.s I'm aware some of you may be thinking.. "but you still have some left"  I took the photos in advance.. that I am organised with .. (sometimes) 

P.P.S This is not a sponsored post.. wish it was .. but it's not 


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