I accidentally spent too much money... again!

Hey there my lovelies!!!

Now seeing as I'm mean't to be saving for my New York holiday in 2 months time ( yes it's only 2 months away) I can't seem to kick the habit of spending money. Just every time I see things I like I feel as though I have to buy them. Sometimes there's brief moment in time where I'm really good and I walk away but I then spend the next few days regretting not buying it... anyone else or is that just me??  I had been resisting for a while... and I kinda just ended up going all out a buying all the things I'd seen in the last few weeks or so. I thought I would put all the things I've brought into a post and show you all the cute things I've seen on the high street lately!! 

Any time I want anything beauty or skin care related I always find my self heading into Boots or Superdrug!! and yes it's lethal to bank balance having both so close together, but practical at the same time.

For a while I've been looking for a new foundation, with my skin being fairly blemish prone I need/ want one that has full coverage. Whilst on my hunt I came across the Bourjois Healthy Mix range.. now you may be thinking that this isn't a full coverage foundation and I did later on discover this and I was really disappointed with it when I first used it, but only because it wasn't what I originally thought it was but now after using it a few times and working with it along side the concealer from the same range I actually really like. In the summer when I want a lighter coverage and my skin has stopped throwing a paddy this will be a great foundation. I got the foundation is the shade Rose Ivory and the concealer in the shade Light. 

I'm not someone who really uses primmer on a daily basis only when I've got an event of some sorts and I need to make sure my makeup doesn't start to slide of my face will I actually use one, but I do wear eye shadow 80% of the time and I find that tends to crease a little through the day. I mean nothing too dramatic but with summer well and truly on its way it's quite nice to pop out to a beer garden after work and this is where I'd like it to last that little bit longer and I've been meaning to look into eye shadow primers but it's never been too high on my priority list but while in boots the other day I came across this one by Rimmel London called Magnif'Eyes and it was cheap so I thought i'd give it a go to see weather it really did make a difference. Put  it this way I worked at 9 hour day, went home chilled out for a few hours and went out on a Friday night for 3 hours came home and went to bed with my face still on ( yes, bad I know but drunk and tired it just wasn't going to happen)  But I woke up and I can honestly say that I would have felt comfortable going to work with that same eye makeup. It just hadn't budged one bit, so I feel as though I can say it works!! 

So many people have been talking about tissue face masks and raving about them and curiosity got the better of me... I brought a couple. I have since used Garnier Moisture Bomb Chamomile Tissue Mask  (£2.99) and I love it!! My skin loved it and felt really hydrated and since i've had few breakouts lately and I've been using products that dry out spots my skins needed a little boost. I can't wait to use Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask 

Simple Kind to Eyes Revitalising Eye Roll On This product was such a random purchase for me, as much as I've thought about buying a few eye products like anti aging, anti puffiness , anti anything that I don't want, I didn't intend to buy this until I went to work with a hangover and only 3 hours sleep.. I realised I never want my eyes to feel like that again so as soon as I saw this I was like YES  this is what I need. My under eye are is really sensitive to a lot of products which is why I opted for the Simple brand, I know they are good for sensitive skin. I have used this most mornings for the last week and I'm loving it, it really does make my eyes feel a little more awake! 

L'Oreal Pure Clay Glow Scrub, We all know by now that I love all of my Elemis products O so much but they are on the pricey side so I only want to repurchase the ones I can't live without but I'd like to find replacements for the ones I can live with out... I think this just replace my resurfacing face wash which I never thought I'd say. This scrub is gentle enough for every day use which I love. I love me a good face scrub and I sometimes that they aren't all this gentle. I can really feel this working whenever I use it my skin feels cleaner and brighter.

Any Zoella fan out will know that Zoe has recently released some new beauty items and I am big fan of her makeup bags and the new ones are just adorable so of course I was going to buy at least one.. I will buy more I'm just a little poor this month and probably shouldn't have brought half of the stuff in the post buy YOLO.

Uh Oh ... I can't believe I used YOLO in a sentence 

Pixi Vitamin Wake Up Mist My Pixi Beauty collection is growing and I am so happy about that. I'm glad I discovered these products all the ones I've used are beautiful in every way!! The reasoning behind this purchase is similar to why I brought the Simple eye roll on... I was hungover and my skin was hating on me and I said never again!!  Now I'm not normally a huge fan of anything thats orange scented but this smells amazing and really works, it leaves my skin feeling awakened and refreshed. Iv'e been using this on those mornings where my bed has excepted me as ones of it's own... you know those days? It says you can use it over your makeup but I'm yet to be brave enough to do this, if it screws up my makeup in the mornings I do not have to re do it!! aha I'll get back to you with that.. 

 On my splurge I also added a few items to my wardrobe which isn't something that I normally do.. I'm not a fashion person I only ever tend to by stuff if I actually like not just because it's fashionable. But you see this stripey jumper.. yes? It's from H&M and I had my eye on for a about a week and I didn't buy when I saw it, I told my self no, wait until pay day. So pay day came around and I went back and it had moved but panic hit me and i thought it had sold out.. I asked a lady who worked there to help me find it... more like sent her a witch hunt.. H&M move their stores around so much I actually can't keep up with them but this lady found it for me and there were only 3 left  and only 1 in my size.. I thanked her about 7 times. Moral of the story buy it when you see it or you'll go back in a week looking like a crazy obsessed person and will be embarrassed to show your face in there for a while.. 
Normally I would link everything I buy but the lady as already told me its no longer on the website as it's an older line... which saves me searching for it
While I was in there looking for this jumper I came across the yellow one with cherries on, now yellow has always been a colour I have straight up avoided as it just doesn't suit me. But since dying my hair darker I'm finding colours that have never suited me in the past are now suiting me so I tried it on and fell in love with it! (turns out I can't find the yellow jumper on the website either, but I found the grey version)

Bralets are something that is very fashionable at the moment and I have small boobs so I'm taking advantage of that and buying any cute bralets I see.. and I work in Ann Summers so I see a lot and trust me its hard not to buy them all!! But when you think fashion M&S is not a shop that comes to mind at all, What comes to mind for me is granny panties and food.... weird combo I'm aware but hey ho. But it turns out M&S have got some really pretty bralets in at the moment and it was only £9.50 which really isn't too bad of price to pay! 
See it here  

I know socks are such a random item.. but they had Flamingos on... need I say more! 
and you can never have too many socks. 

That's all for this month... lets how long I can last this time around. But in all seriousness I do need to save every penny possible from my next 2 pay checks for the Big Apple. We all know how much makeup I'm going to buy while I'm out there, I'm scared.. 

Thanks for reading!! 

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