Things I've Learn't In My Year Of Blogging

Hey there my lovelies, hope your all well and had a lovely Easter Weekend and found your selves in chocolate comas!!

Today I wanted to share a few things that I have learnt in the past year of blogging. I wont mention any technical stuff as that really isn't my strong point and I'm still learning so much about all of that my self.

I can't stress this enough If you want people to come back to your blog they need to know when to come back, that's why it's so important you are consistent with when you post. I've noticed a difference with my views now that I'm more consistent with when I post. I aim for every Sunday, If I miss a week I miss week, I try not to get too caught up with missing out on a week, sometimes life happens and you just can't get a post up... but I like to have a few in the bank for this happen. Which leads on to my next point.

 I never use to an organised person at all but since starting my blog I felt I needed to be, so I put all my note books to good use and made "blog post idea" lists I have 3 on the go at the moment. Some I may never get around to writing simply because I think of something more exciting to write about or I don't think its quite the right time for me to write that post. For some posts I find it easier to type from notes I've made rather than free writing, so for those I'll make bullet points that way a post that may take an hour or 2 may only  take me 45 mins. Saves me time especially on those days where I don't have a lot of time or I've had a long day at work. On my days off I pray for good weather or just bright skies to be able to take bulk photos to go along side my lists. Taking photos in advance gives me the freedom to post what ever post I feel like posting first, because I already have them ready to go. 

I'm sick of the word post... I doesn't seem real any more, I've said it too many times!! 

Some people say that images aren't important when it comes to blogging and that its all about what you have to say and on some level I kind of agree with that, but I love photos. I'm a very visual person and I like to be able to see a image of the product that's being reviewed or spoken about. If the image is unclear and fuzzy it bothers me, it makes me think that the blogger couldn't be bothered take 5 mins to take a good quality photo. Take your time, focus, snap and  it will really add to the quality of your post. I'm always so flattered when people comment on the quality of my photos as I take quite a bit of time to get the right angle and lighting, I take my time to edit them too. I really enjoy this aspect of blogging. 

Social Media:
 Iv'e always been a lover of Instagram, it quite often gets a fair bit of hate and I really don't know why. I love it. But if you want to grow your audience then you need to make sure you stay active, even if you just post 1 image a day you'll show up somewhere in the insta world, I tend to post 2-3 times a day and some say that's a little excessive and maybe it is but it works for me, on the days when I post more I can gain up to 15 new followers. You may say that's not many but those are the ones that don't play the "follow- unfollow- follow" game. I'm sure you are all familiar with that game that other instagramers play to try to get more followers. A general rule I follow is that I don't follow people back if they have 10k+ followers but are only following 400 ... somethings not right there really is it? Obviously if I really like the account I'll follow them regardless of their followers. I'm not a believer in Instagram themes, post what ever the hell you like. It's a place to be creative and free why tie your self to a theme. If I want to post more than more selfie back to back you can be sure as hell that I will! and I do. Although you may not follow a theme I do think it's important for your images to be clear and bright. Like I said previously there's nothing more annoying than a fuzzy image I think it looks like you don't care. And if in your caption you say "I love my new lipstick" Tag the brand, or at least mention where it's from. I really bugs me when people don't tag/ mention brands in their photos I'm nosy and love to know where people get their stuff from!! Lastly be sure to interact with your followers, if they like a few of your photos be nice a like a few back, I really do try to like a few photos for every like I get particularly if they are a fellow blogger they are in the same boat as you, help one another out yeah!? 

The same goes for twitter, be active. I know I personally struggle with this as I always favor Instagram over twitter but when I can I try to be as active as possible. Like, re-tweet, comment on other peoples posts. Even if you just Hi its better than nothing and it gets you seen. I know your limited to how many words you can use with Twitter but where you can use a hash tag it gets your post seen by a wider audience than just your followers. 

If someone is kind enough to take a minute out of their day to comment on blog, be nice a write back. Even if your like me and never have a clue with what to say back, just say thank you for the comment and acknowledge they are there and they will be more likely to comment again . I know I would, I feel a little offended when people don't write back to me.

Thanks for reading, If your new to blogging I hope this helped. Or if you've been blogging a while and have some tips to grow your blog a little more then I'd love to hear them!! 




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