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Welcome back to my blog or if your new Hi, and welcome to my little corner of the internet that I like to call Hannah's Beautiful Life!! 

A few weeks ago I was kindly asked by a brand called Printiki if I would like to sample a their prints. Now I'm the kinda person who loves to have photos printed out and have them in my hands to look through and cherish all of the best times. I love looking back through my photo albums, and when I'm 60 I just know that I'm going to be really thankful to myself that I had all my memories put onto paper! 

So for all that don't know or haven't guessed Printiki are a photo printing company a lot like Photo Box and Snapfish but the process is so much easier. I wont lie to you.. technology confuses me .. a lot. If a website/ App isn't easy to use i'm less likely to use it no matter how good the reviews are!! Printiki gives you the option to upload your photos straight from your phone or any mobile device, Drop Box, Google, Facebook and you can even take new photos to print out. I love how many sources you can upload from, and you can choose a few from camera roll a few from drop box and few from Facebook... or where ever heart desires. I think this is a great feature, with the App I had used in the past doesn't give you this option, you have to have all the photos you want to print in one place other wise you have to start all over again which drives me up the wall. 

I loved how quick the whole process of selecting and uploading photos was and even when it came to checking out, it was easy and simple. I spent a good 5 minuets inspecting the "your order has been placed" page as I didn't believe it had gone through, it was that quick!! I ordered the photos the Friday evening of the May bank holiday weekend ... so I knew full well that delivery would take a little longer as it always does over bank holiday but I was thoroughly impressed when I received my photos on the Thursday. The quality of the prints is great, the photos don't seem squashed seeing as they are a lot smaller than your standard photo size. All the images are clear and crisp. My only slight negative comment would be that images seem a little dark, so if you wanted a darker image it may not be as clear as some of the brighter images and it did seem to cut off little bits of the image, which may well be my own fault as it allows to edit you images and move them.

These images are way to cute to put away in a photo album and hide them from the world. So I made a feature out of them with fairy lights to my boyfriends dismay that I nailed in 10 nails just get the way I wanted it. Considering it didn't have a hammer I don't think it turned out too badly. It finally gave me a reason to use my adorable copper paper clips from Paperchase. So it's a win win if you ask me!! I will defiantly be purchasing from them in the future, I go to New York in a few weeks so I know I will have some photos that will look amazing printed out in a polaroid form.

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If you would like to get some of memories printed out then you can use my code to get yourself free delivery  3KFR8MCV 

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