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Hey there my lovelies!! Hope your having a great week!! 

I've been wanting to write this post for a while now, and it's all the things I wish I knew before I started to really get into makeup... I feel like being a 90's baby we all more fascinated with jelly shoes and funky hair clips at 10 years old, but these days 10 year olds have high end makeup and they can apply it flawlessly and think that's because they have had easy access to YouTube tutorials and social media that show them what to do. I wasn't really all that interested in makeup until the age of 18/19, don't get me wrong I've been wearing/ attempting makeup since the age of 13 but never really had any help I just kinda had to wing it... turns out that there were many things I wasn't doing quite right... Since my little sister is turning 13 this year in July and shes said she wants to wear a little bit of makeup, she asked for my help. I was ever so flattered and kinda jumping for joy but I'm also no expert. I'm still learning so much my self, but practice makes perfect, right? So here are a few things that I have learn't along my way. 

1) Beauty Blenders... I know these are very much a new trend but they are the best invention I have have ever come across and I simply cannot live without mine. In particular the Real Techniques one...even when I got my first one I was using it wrong. No where on the packaging did I read "use damp for a flawless finish" 

2) Use a lighter shade of concealer under your eyes after you've applied your foundation... I mean why on earth would I think this is a thing... But it is and I wish I had known this for my  college years the "No Miss of course i'm not hungover" would have been more believable without the bags under my eyes.
My all time favourite concealer is the Collection lasting Perfection.

3) Leave your eye brows alone and only let professionals touch them.. Natural brows are far more beautiful than uneven over tweezed brows. I wish I had a big sister or someone to tell me not to do it myself, I now have 1 eye brow sorter than than the due to over tweezing and my eye brow filling in skills are not up to scratch just yet..

4) A decent primer will do wonders to the overall finish of your makeup, I didn't believe it until I tried it. I thought it was going to be a marketing scam or something ridiculous. But I was pleasantly surprised, now it's not something that I use religiously every day but I when I want my makeup to stay put that little bit longer and continue to look flawless throughout the day I do make sure to use one. One of my favorite primers is the Benefit Porefessional.

5) When you love a matte lip as much me you'll know in the winter months its hard to keep your lips looking smooth and kissable.. this is where a good lip scrub can come in handy, to buff away any dry edges caused by the bitter winter air. Lush do some lovely scrubs! but along side buffing you lips smooth they need some hydration too and as much as the good ol' Vaseline works and so does coconut oil and I fell in love with the Clarins Comfort Lip Oils. There's just something about them that really leave me lips feeling nourished. 

6) Brushes, Brushes, Brushes... I love them, they are so many different ones to choose from and colour your heart desires. Some of my first brushes were from the Real Techniques and I am loyal to them to this day as much as I love my Spectrum Brushes, RT are easy to use and super soft! One thing I wish I had thought about more is what I used each individual brush for, I always felt like such a rebel if I didn't use the brush for what the packaging instructed. But now I use what ever brush I like.

7) Finding a moisturiser that's right for your skin type is not something that I thought would be all that important, but it is. Everyone is different and so is their skin. Through trial and error I've learn't that Oily/ Combination works best for me. As soon as I found the right moisturiser for my skin type, my skin started to thank me. I had less breakouts and fewer oily days as my skin was finally settling down and not over compensating.

8) It took me a while to learn that the best way to get even full coverage from your foundation. I found that a lot of foundation on the high street a fairly build able, so starting off with a smaller amount and building up is a much better way to go about it. Of course it's not all going to blend in evenly if you apply a thick layer all over.

Thanks for reading, I hope someone out there finds helpful..? 
let me know what you favourite make up tip is, I'd love to know!! 


Disclaimer: In no way am I'm stating I know what I'm doing, this is just what works best me and how I like to do my makeup.



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