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Hey my lovelies welcome back to my little corner of the internet I call Hannah's Beautiful Life. I haven't written anything for a while.. I think I lost my mojo for a while there... I'm back now.. and all is good.. kinda .. (spoiler .. ranty life update blog coming soon) 

I'm the kinda of person who loves a lazy evening ... and almost every evening without fail I will get home from work and jump into some cozy clothes, cook my dinner and sit down with a cuppa tea or 2.. yes occasionally I make 2 cups of tea before I sit down at the end of the day, lets be honest we all do as much ass we possibly can to ensure that we do not have to stand up again for a few hours or so. I wouldn't be completely comfy without my oh so cozy bunny slippers (which are the cutest thing ever BTW) and watch/ binge a series on Netflix. I have several on the go that I go between, some evenings I'll be in the mood for something Bates Motel.. other evenings I'll do anything to watch Gilmore Girls.. my tastes vary a fair amount. 

Something that both me and my Fiance (yes that's new since I last wrote here) have been talking about is buying new TV. Now technology isn't my thing at all so I'm not going to pretend that is, but as we looking to move house there are a few house hold appliances that we have had for a while that could do with a upgrade.. I never really noticed how high tech televisions had got since we had last purchased. With the world becoming HD we thought our TV needed to HD too... So we have been looking at few from Panasonic and hew other brands but one that is catching our attention is the Panasonic Ultra HD 4K TV . 
This a little more pricey than what we initially wanted to spend  but.. *insert heart eye emoji* 

And no cozy evening would be complete without a candle now would it.. I had this one as a gift for Christmas last year and this was the first time that I used it, it was just too pretty I couldn't bring myself to do it. But Oh my it smells amazing and it was the perfect scent to help me unwind after ta long day at work. 

What are you cozy evening must haves? 

Thanks for reading, see you next time


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