New York, New York | Part 1

Hey there lovelies, welcome back to my little corner of the internet!!

I know I haven't blogged in a while but I was struggling to know what to write about... then I remembered I've just come back from New York. I mean how the hell did I forget about that!! Now seeing as I took a lot of photos and for the short amount of time that we were actually in New York, I thought I would break it all down for you. 

I don't want you getting bored now do I? But I will still recommend that you grab your self a cuppa (or beverage of your choice) as this may be a long post any way. 

This trip is something that we have both been waiting for, for over a year. Last year we had to cancel our trip due to Martin becoming ill and needing a operation.. I will link that post here so you can have a read of that too. 

Before we had even left to leave for airport I always have to double check and triple check that we have everything that we could possibly need. I lost count of how many times I had packed.. unpacked ... repacked.. but there are a few things that I could not travel without one being passports ... cant really leave the country without those now can we. Now this flight was possibly one of the longest flights I have ever been on. 7 and half hours... I mean how can any one sit still for that long! So I had to find ways to keep myself entertained.. no matter where I go I always have headphones with me and my ultimate favorite ones are my frends headphones that martin brought for me, they go everywhere with me when I travel. 

Some of my other travel favs have to be anything Mini... everything is so much better and cuter when its mini..but they also great when you have a luggage allowance and don't want to go over (it turned out we could take a lot more than what I originally  thought) 

This holiday was for sure something that I wanted to remember!! But I didn't want to just photos of a trip of a life time but  I wanted to be able to look at physical things we got while in The Big Apple. My best friend kindly gifted us this little scrapbook the previous year before we cancelled our trip so we made a few adjustments to the cover and it was good to use this year #newyorktake2 

We both love to travel, and we both want to visit so many more places together. I have always felt giddy with joy the moment I step onto a plane.. at that moment your officially on holiday and there's no going back until the return flight in a week... although we had 2 1/2 hour delay whilst sat on the plane due to technical difficulties aka the airport stuck to plane, yes that does sound stupid. the tunnel you walk down to get on the plane was stuck to the plane and wouldn't let go... 

So all together we were on the plane for over 10 hours.... we were up at 5, left home at 6, arrived at the airport at 8 and boarded the plane at 10.30...we left England at about 12.45...  We were knackered. But could I sleep? No , no is the correct answer. I had watched a movie and half before we had even taken off. Martin has the annoying ability to sleep where ever and when ever.. so he had no problem catching up on his beauty sleep. Me however, I was little cranky when we landed. But that soon went away when the sheer excitement of being in New York City kicked in.

We had been planning this holiday for so long, and now that it's finally happening, I couldn't quite believe it. Every thing we did and everything we saw just felt completely and utterly surreal.

Alas, we landed!! 
with the excitement doubling by the second inside me we made our to the taxi rank and waited in Que for what felt like for ever. It was actually only 20 mins..
Those NY taxis really are as yellow as they appear in the movies!! I felt like I was acting out some sort scene in a movie, that's how I felt for this whole trip. I think that why it took me so long to finally sit down a write about NY, it just didn't seem real, I mean it still doesn't feel completely real. Then I see a photo of me on top of the Empire State Building and i'm like *shit i was actually there.. I didn't dream that*  

 A 45 minuet car journey and we are the hotel, we stayed at the Park Lane Hotel. Our views from the room were incredible and we were only the 10th.

One thing that no one really tells you about NY is that there is tax on everything.. I literally mean E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G, so of course there was a surprise bill to pay when we arrived but hey ho I wasn't about to let that ruin our trip. 

We loved every inch of the hotel, again it was like something out of the movies. ( i do apologies, I have nothing else to compare it too, and that's only way I really can describe it ) Although for some reason I don't have a photo of just our room, it was huge. I mean its quite easily the same size of our'll just have to believe me. And my next comment is going to be such a British thing to say, but I'm gonna say it any way.... the water in the toilet is so god damn high in america.. what the hell...

First night rule is to wander around and get our bearings on the area a little bit, although we never really got them completely while we were there we got the generally idea of the direction we needed to head in each day. I'm so glad that we went out on our evening stroll as it was just so breath taking. The views ... the air... the atmosphere... I have no words, well none that are in my vernacular any way. We were just in awe with every step that we took. 

In a past life ... I'm certain he was a monkey...

City Sunset like I have never seen before, and no sunset will ever compare to this. This photo just does not do it justice. 

New York, New York a city so great they named it twice 

Thanks for reading
Stay turned for Part 2 


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