BLOGTOBER 1- My Favourite Quotes

Hey Hey and welcome to my first ever Blogtober, this was very much a last minuet idea of mine and I'm either going to regret it and wish I started it sooner or I'm going to love and start planning next years right after.. We will just have to see how it goes.. Now I haven't been the most consistent with my blog lately and I wont apologies for it, just know that there's been a lot going on in my life as of late and I just have not had the time to blog. So this is me jumping right back into it... 

So the real reason you clicked on this blog.. My favourite Quotes; 

"Life is 90% of what you make it and 10% how you react " - Charles R Swindon -

There are many reason I love this quote, most simply because it just true.. you have a difficult situation in your life and in that moment how you deal with it will effect the out come of it more than you reaction, whether that be steaming rage or disappointment, I have learn't that more often than not, to deal with the situation at hand and afterwards react.. if your reaction is the same as what It would have been before you dealt with the situation the chances are it's a reasonable reaction... does that make sense? 

The Thing with quotes is that people see what they want to, and everyone takes something different away from each quote. 

"Do not judge my story by the chapter you've walked in on" - Unknown-

We know the saying don't judge a book by it's cover, I feel this is some what the same. People come and go in our lives and some stay longer than others and those are the ones that generally know a little more of our story, but if tomorrow they weren't in our lives anymore they wouldn't know how our story continued from that day forward. We've all been close with someone and then "life" happened and all of a sudden you weren't close any more, but you'd still say hi in the street or your still friends on social media and you see photos of their life but there's never a full detailed description of whats going on at that moment in time. So even though you were part of the previous chapter, you'll never know how many chapters you will continue to star in. 

So I asked my other half and a few friends what their favourite Quotes are, just to get a look in to what inspires others;

"Every day may not be good.. but there is something good in every day" -Alice Morse Earle-

"Because everyone is always saying how bad a day was but never have I heard anyone say they've had a bad day, but this good thing happened today too. it's easier to complain than to appreciate it" -Martin Kokins-

"Dogs ask for so little but deserve so much" - Unknown- 

"At the moment this is probably my favourite quote because it resonates with me, and its a good way of describing my obsession, passion and motivation to work with dogs"
- Hannah Farnell-

"I am no bird; and no net ensnares me; I am a free human being with an indapendant will"
- Jane Eyer by Charlotte Bronte -

"I love it not just because Jane was a strong woman who faced adversity and stayed a moral person in the context of the story, but because Charlotte Bronte was brave enough to take on the conventions of the time and break them, she was brave enough to create such a rounded engaging full character who happened also to be a woman, it got the book banned when it was first released, people didn't want to explore the psyche of woman but now of course she's one the greatest characters in literature, all because Charlotte Bronte was brave enough to write her and to pretend to be a man so she could get published." 
- Eleanor Painter -

What's your favourite quote? 

So there you have it the first Blogtober post..

Thanks for reading

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