BLOGTOBER 2 - Let It Snow'Ella

Hey there lovelies I can not believe that we are in October already this year has just gone way too quick, but I'm so happy it's officially Autumn. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love summer. When I can go on summer holiday. But there's just something about Autumn just gives me all the cozy vibes and I get all excited, especially this year as I've got some exciting things happening. But you'll have to keep reading to find out what they are. 

Now if you have been reading my blog for  while you will know that I am somewhat of a Zoella fan.. now I know some of you aren't going to like this post because its all about Zoella products, so you can click off now. When I heard that she had released a new range.. I don't think I have ever spent my money so fast...ever... I love her products.. So I know that any new releases she does I don't even think, I just buy. And boy am I glad I did just that. This Snow'Ella range is the best  one yet and yes the name does help to win me over. I love a catchy name. I did also pick up a few of the lifestyle bits and they make me so excited to move to put them into our new home and make it homey. I'm living in an empty shell of a room at the moment and it makes me sad

 Besides the fact that I'm a fan girl at heart, I do genuinely love the scent of these products. They look like they smell... I know that sounds a little bizarre  but they do.  They smell very fresh and light. But the scent also lasts all day. I've spritzed a little before work.. worked for 10 hours and got home and I've still been able smell it on me, granted not as strong as when I first applied it but its still there. Which I think is pretty damn amazing for a £10 body mist. And need I say that the addition of the white fluffy pom pom is just the most adorable thing I have ever seen. I know a few people have been saying that it gets in the way when you spray it... to those people I say move the bloody pom pom of the way.. problem solved. 

I'm so I love with mini roller ball scents. I can honestly say that I have had one if not two in my hand bag every single day since I've brought them. They are so handy, especially if your out and about and don't want a massive bag. And if i'm in public I feel a little self conscious about just randomly freshening up (I know its a little weird, but hey I am a little weird) these are so handy and discrete.

I wont lie I solely brought this for the bag.. and I had no idea that these little cuties were tucked away inside it. Talk about added bonus. Now price wise this one in my opinion is the most reasonable priced item.. I would pay £12.00 just for the bag.. well I kind of did, but for £12 you get two minis which I know are going to last a while and a adorable grey makeup bag/ pencil case.

When winter comes around I'm all about those pamper evenings, and my new job is going to involve being on my feet a lot so I'm about to need all the bath products I can possibly get my hands on. And they have freaking snow flakes on them. I mean... come on... 

I was so excited to try the body butter, as I much prefer a body butter to lotion and this did not disappoint. it's so so thick and creamy and just soaks into to skin and It didn't leave me feeling greasy after wards, which is great if your someone like me and is always rushing around to get out of the door on time. nothing more annoying than having to get dressed before your moisturiser has soaked in. I'm also so excited to try this body polish, I loved her body scrubs in previous ranges so I can't see why I wont love this just as much. 

I honestly just brought these because I liked how they look.. Is that bad..?  they do smell amazing and they feel great on the lips but I'm not convinced they are awfully hydrating. not like a lip balm should be. But I honestly haven't tried them enough just yet to confirm that, so I'll have to get back to you with that one. 

Thanks for reading 
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