BLOGTOBER 3 - Instagram Accounts I'm Loving

Hey there lovelies and welcome back to my little corner of the internet. I thought today I would share a little love, and share with you a few Instagramn accounts i've been loving lately. I find that everyone is really stuggling with instagram lately. Including my self, it's not fun when you try so hard to get your following up. And yes I know it's not all about the numbers, but you feel as though you've taken some great photos you want to share them and when your amazing photo only gets 30 likes when on a good day you can get 50+ it can be a little disheartening. 

So my way of giving back to everyone that has followed me, there are few accounts that I love that really don't need the help if im honest with you, but if your like me then you love just looking at amazing feeds and great Quality photos. 

So first up on my list is Angela @Beautybythebunny , this woman's insta feed is a thing of dreams!! I'm loving the Autumnal theme she's got going on right now, and she always does amazing giveaways. Most definitely worth a follow if you aren't already.

Next is Corrie @Dizzybrunett3 I have been following her for over 2 years now and when I first wanted to start my blog I found myself watching a ridiculous amount of you tube tutorials to learn how to do everything and I have to say hers were some of the most helpful. So thank you!! If you love all things pink and girly then for sure you'll love Corrie's Insta. 

Another I'm loving right now is Beata from @essentially_happy_blog  firstly you should go follow her because she is super lovely and extremely active and is for ever commenting and liking my photos and for that I am grateful. It's hard to get good honest interaction lately, but not only is she lovely her Instagram feed is very easy on the eyes and I love scrolling through her photos, I could just scroll for hours. 

Next one of favourite accounts at the moment has to be Ellie from @whatellewore_ she is a life style blogger and her feed is just a lovely scroll. Amazing clean crisp photos, she makes even the simplest of photos look great. Defiantly worth a follow. 

Emily Alice at @emsalicee is another account I've been loving lately, shes defiantly a new find of mine but I'm glad I've come across her feed. I love the detail in her photos along with the cool toned theme she has going on right now.. I'm just in love. 

And the final account that I've been loving lately isn't an account thats unheard of infact he has 1.4 Million followers and they are all well deserved, his photos are just simply amazing. Each photo has me in absolute awe. Brandon Woelfel @brandonwoelfel  if you aren't following him yet you should be.. or at least just go check out his photos. 

Thanks for reading 

let me know a few of your favourite Instagram accounts?

See you Sunday for the Next day of Blogtober 


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