Christmas Eve

Hello lovelies, Merry Christmas. 

I thought I'd pop in and have a chat, this time of year always feels so magical but the older I'm getting the less and less excited I'm getting about the big day. My friends with kids all say it'll change as soon as I have kids.. But I'll have to wait to see if that's true. 

On a daily basis this time of year I have friends, family and people I serve at work ask me  the same questions... 
" What are you doing for Christmas" 
                  my response :   " O I'm working until 4.30pm"
                                            "That must suck, you poor thing"

Yh you are right there many other places that I would rather be on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day.. but what you don't know is that the people I work with and for are like family to me. I see these people for 10 hours 5 days a week, If I didn't like them or think of them as family I would proberly go a little out of my mind if I'm honest with you. I know everyone has one person they aren't overly fond of at work and believe me I do too, But I don't let that bother me. It is Christmas after all.

So Yes, while most of you in the UK will be panic buying the last of your Christmas shopping weather that be for food or you've realised you forgot to buy for someone. I will be running round setting up tables ready for Christmas Day and serving afternoon tea and dinner service this evening too. I am ok with that. If you've ever worked in hospitality you will understand how nice it is to serve people for more than service, if they just come in for dinner you don't get a chance to chat but when you see them morning, afternoon and night 2/3 days in a row you get to know them and they know you and it's a much more personal service and so much more relaxed. Although Christmas service is very stressful, purely because of the sheer amount of people we do still do have a standard to uphold but it's nice that we can do it in a more relaxed manor. Almost Everyone that will come through those doors today will feeling festive and merry and my only job... is make sure that feeling doesn't go away, and that's my only job (I say almost, we all know there will be at lest one table that isn't happy. there always is) 

Over the next few days for me:

Christmas Eve I will be working all day, but its ok my family and I had our traditional Christmas thing thing last night.. So  I haven't lost out on anything there... and tonight I will get to sleep in my own bed..

Christmas Day.. I'll wake up in my own bed next to my fiancĂ© in our new house which is one of the best things to have happened this year, I'll go to work at 7am.. So technically I'll still be up at the same time as everyone else in the country.. I'll do my day of work and have a great time doing it.. I'll finish work at the same time as my FiancĂ©  and we will go home pack a bag and head straight to my family home for the evening, where all my family will be and we will play games and drinking and watch tv and open presents. You know all the normal things. 

Boxing Day, This is day of recovery.. I'll be tired and hungover as it's tradition to dink too much at Christmas right? Then once the afternoon of drinking tea and playing with presents we opened the day before we will get get our selves ready to head on out to see more family and have yet another Christmas Day. I don't have a big family but theres is no way you could get every single one us together in one house.. so we'll have more present opening and more drinking and more games and at the end of the night we will all head home knowing that we had a great Christmas. 

So no, no it does not suck that I'm working over the Christmas period and Im not a "poor thing". I'm grateful for my family and my friends and everyone in between. I'm grateful that Christmas to me isn't just defined to one day.. It's when ever hell I want to be and when ever the hell I make it happen. 

I hope everyone has a very merry Christmas what ever you may doing and whoever you may be doing it with !!! 

Merry Christmas 
Lots of love 



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