I'm Back

Hey guys,

As you may or may not have noticed I have been a little MIA for a few months. I attempted blogtober at a very silly time in my life. Whilst moving house to a new town and moving jobs after being made redundant, which did take it's toll on me mentally. It was a lot more than I could handle. But when we arrived at the new address.. we had no internet connection for 3 weeks nor did we have phone signal. As it turns out we have moved into a little bit of a dead zone when it comes to signal. 

Even when we finally got wifi I was working a lot, and although I have done this job before I had forgotten how full on it really is, so every evening and day off I was just knackered and all I wanted to do was sleep. So that is exactly what I did, I wasn't about to make myself ill for the sake of my blog. A few weeks ago I felt a little more up to taking on the additional work load.. yes blogging is a work load although it's something I enjoy doing, theres still effort and energy that go into writing posts. But I then hit another little bit of speed bump.. our laptop stopped working.. completely lost all connection to its hard dive, so any data.. photos.. documents on it are gone unless we wish to spend hundreds of pounds just to get it back.

So both me and my partner have taken a leap and brought our very own individual computers now. So all is good, he can get on with his work on the days he works from home and I am very much hoping to back at all this blogging stuff pretty swiftly. I do miss it. even rambling now it's nice to just have an outlet.

A few excting things I'm looking forward to updating my blog with is allll of the new cozy homeware bits and bobs that brought for the new house, I had been saving everything in boxes and suitcases before we moved and I wouldn't even let Martin use any of it. I loved the idea of having new things in a new house, and I'm glad that I stuck to it, it's been lovely!! But I'll go into more detail with it all when I blog about it. 

I did have the idea to do "Moving Blogs" but as you can see that didn't happen, so I'm hoping to do a little "home tour" blog. Not that I think many people will be interesting in reading it but I would love to have it for us to look back on. Although we have lived together for 5 years and we may only be renting this house.. it's still a house! if you've ever lived in a flat with your partner for a long period of time you will understand my excitement for this move!! 

so I'm going to stop the rambling now and get on to real stuff!! and I hope I'm back for a while now with no interruptions.. saying that I work in hospitality .. and Christmas is coming so it could get pretty mental!! 

Thanks for reading 
see you soon 

Come Follow me... 
P.S we've recently had a lot of snow and I'm bloody loving it!! 



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