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I have a good feeling about 2018, I think its going to be our year.. or a least we're going to make it our year. If your familiar with my blog then you may know that in 2016 my partner Martin under went a operation to remove a tumour from his neck which was followed by 6 weeks of radio therapy. If you are new here and wish to know a little more about his story he kindly let me blog about it so I'll leave a link to the blog post HERE so you can check it out.

Now on to the point of this post.. In light of everything that has gone on myself and Martin don't feel as though we have done enough to give back to the NHS, the doctors, the Nurses, the people working tirelessly to find the "CURE" and everyone in between. We have both made donations at the hospital and brought things via Stand Up To Cancer website but we just don't feel this is enough to show how truly grateful we are to everyone. So to raise awareness and to show our gratitude my self and Martin will be running in the Shrewsbury half Marathon June '18 while wearing Orange. We wish to raise £200 between us, if we raise more then that is truly amazing. All donations are so appreciated. No matter how big or small, every single penny helps to being that one step closer!! 

If you wish to help make a difference then please donate by following the Link bellow!! 

Stand Up To Cancer is amazing organisation that I feel has really brought Cancer out of the shadows.  Cancer is such a taboo subject yet most of us know at least 1 person close to us that is suffering! Its time that we stood up and told Cancer where to go!! 

Now some of you that know me/ us you will know that neither of us do a huge amount of exercise, especially me. Running is boarder line a night mare for me but Running a half marathon has got to be done at some point in my life, I'd love to be able to say I have actually done that and I can't think of a better cause  to do so. From here on in Martin and I will hitting the gym few times a week plus attempting a few long distance runs here and there in preparation for the big day. I will be logging all of our progress along the way, we are both curious to see the changes this will have on both of our bodies. After the marathon I will post a follow up post with our before and after, and  obviously the details of how much we raised with our Stand Up To Cancer get Orange-ifed fundraising. I'll also include screen shots of me paying in the money so you know all donations have gone to where I'm telling you its going. 

So stay tuned for all the updates 

If you wish to take part in your own fundraising then follow this link HERE  or follow any other high lighted words and it will take you to the Stand Up To Cancer fundraising page where you can choose 1 of 4 ways to Stand Up!! 

Thank you for reading and thank you for your support. I understand that June is a while a away but we need the time physically to prepare for this. If you want to know monthly or even weekly updates of our progress please let me know in the comments below and I'll my best to update you all.

Hannah + Martin 

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