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I'm happy to say we have been on our first trip of 2018!! woop woop!! I'm so happy to be able to get away from the madness for a little bit and actually spend sometime with my man. Even though I live with him and I see him every single day theres nothing I'd rather do than go away, just the two of us. We both love to go places that we have never been so we thought we'd take a trip to Liverpool seeing as its only 2 hours away from us. It's far enough to feel as though we have travelled miles but not soo  far that we spend hours on end in the car! I feel its a good distance!! Without sounding like a broken record the hotel we are staying in is the Titanic hotel, which is a movie that both me and my partner love so I knew it would grab his attention when I mentioned it to him. I came across this hotel summer last year when Zoe and Alfie stayed here on their way to Edinburgh, I thought it was an interesting place and googled it. At the time I was thinking I'll never be able to afford to stay there, if they are staying there it's got to be WAY out of our price range, but as I looked into it I was pleasantly surprised.  Yes it's January which means every hotel throughout England has put its prices down with a little hope that people will decide to take trip away so soon after the holidays. Obviously when I told my other half how I came about the hotel he rolled his eyes at me, as he does when I mention anything Zoella related.... but after he googled the history of the hotel that evening he discovered that actually quite a few amazing things have happened here in Liverpool and in this Hotel... before it was a hotel. So he's gotten over my reason's for wanting to stay in this hotel. 

Working in the hospitality industry myself there are a lot of things that we tend to notice that many other people wouldn't, and it has to be said this is one of the nicest hotels  that we have stayed in a while. The staff have been attentive but not smothering. The room.... my .. my .my.... the room... it's huge!!! Far bigger than the average standard room in England (we're staying in a superior) I wish that we could stay here forever... ok that's a bit much.. maybe just a week. 

As a blogger/ someone who loves Instagram, this hotel is the thing of dreams.  behind ever corner is a new photo! I love that. I love places that make me feel inspired and this hotel most defiantly does that to me, hence why I started writing this post in this massive king sized bed at half 10 at night on our second night.  I just needed to write. (fingers crossed I have brought the inspiration  home with me) I'm struggling to put into words how amazing we found this hotel.. but for the sake of the blog I'm going to give it ago... with every step I took there it felt very luxurious, I felt as though we paid hundreds of pounds to stay here, It's quirky but not so quirky that you think "what are they trying to do here". with the high brick ceilings and floor to ceiling windows its a very spacious hotel but its then very dimly lite giving a very private feeling throughout the whole hotel, which gives it some kind of allure. 

We've been back a few weeks now and I have a few people ask me if I Would recommend this hotel... and honestly... yes I would.. I found it great value for money and theres plenty to do. with the spa avliablle downstairs and food and drinks being served until 10 at night I didn't find we needed anything more. 

Breakfast both mornings was lovely, we were seated quickly and both mornings were sat at a table with a view which was stunning. With the huge choice of continental and cooked breakfast we were spoilt for choice if I'm honest.  For our evening meal of the second night the food was equally as lovely, though I did wish there was a little more to choose from. And if you are after a cheap meal I would suggest you eat else where but if you happy to spend a little more then it is a more than lovely restaurant. I loved the formal yet laid back service that we received. I know everybody is different with their expectations when it comes to service, but I don't like feeling smothered.

The Spa was just delightful.. I have no other words. We were chilled out and calm. it was lovely. Just what we had both needed. The hot tub/ jacuzzi/ pool was brilliant, it was so lovely to just sit there and do some gentle laps, it's not a big pool so don't go thinking you can do your full on laps of the pool in there. But its big enough to float about. They monitor how people are in there at one time so it's never too busy, the most there were in there at any time was 6 people ... that's including us. Now I'm a big fan of steam rooms.. I find them so cleansing and calming and this one was no exception. Perfectly hot and steamy. The sauna isn't my favourite part of any spa but as far as saunas go, this one was great, nice and big. Nothing worse the getting far too close with a stranger when your sweating out now is there. 

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As you know from a privious post of mine, my self and my other half will be running a half marathon later on this year, and all donations  go towards Stand Up To cancer and are all so so appreciated. We can all do our part in destroying this horrible disease

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