New York, New York | Part 2

Hello lovelies, 

 As you may know last year I was in New York celebrating my birthday, which was a totally amazing experience though my birthday was not the only reason for going, it was lovely to be away for it, and I'm kind of dying to go back ( don't tell Martin or he'll book us on the next flight over there without regards to how much it would cost us.

*palms face*  

But it recently occurred that I never really blogged about our time over there.  Im a little disappointed with my self that I didn't do it sooner. So starting from March 1st (today) I'm going to post a New York related blog every Thursday.. Until I'm all out of things to tell you...Keep your eyes peeled for our engagement post .. because thats a thing that happened while we were there.. 

Incase you haven't read part, I'll leave a link for it here. You will need a cuppa for that one. 

After some much needed sleep, we hit the streets again. Walking in New York is a little mesmerising and you never really know where to look first. Around every corner in something new and truly breath taking. That's defiantly something that I miss now that I'm back in the UK. While we traveling we had made a list of everything that wanted to do while  in the big apple, we had to be sure we weren't wasting time so that we could get as much done as possible. Turns out we had more time than we thought each day so we managed to take so amazing chill time in the evenings and lounge around in central park. 

The first thing we did on our first full day was visit Grand Central.. it just has to be done.. I mean did you even really go to NY if you don't have a photo of Grand Central. I have never been some where that has felt so calm yet crazy frantic at the same time. Im such people watcher, I enjoy just sitting on a bench and watching people go about their day.. so this was pure heaven *insert nerd emoji here* 

But there was no time to spare at this point so we took tourist photos and continued about our day!! 

Next up on our tourist check list was obviously the Empire State Building.. I remember having to pinch my self a little while we were up there...I have only even seen these views through a TV screen so to actually see them right in front of me with my own eyes was truly amazing. If you ever go I highly recommend going up,  I think we would have really kicked our selves if we didn't. Its one of those memories that I will love till the day I die. Even though there are crazy amount of people around you, you feel like your the only 2 people up there. 

I still have moments now when I look at my photos where I think "aww what a lovely photo, Wish that was my photo" and sudden realisation that It actually IS MY PHOTO. Crap I was there. The thought is just surreal. We were crazy lucky with the weather while we were there too. 2 days after we arrived back home they had crazy thunder storms. We timed it so well ( such a British tourist thing to say.. but its true) 

So until part 3... which is next Thursday.. Thanks for reading.


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