New York, New York | Part 3

Hello there you lovely people, Welcome to part 3 of my New York, New York posts. I'm aware I promised this post to you yesterday... I have no excuse just time slipped away and I posted about the important woman in my life instead.. so sue me! But before you continue to read this post be sure to read the first two parts!!  ( to get the full effect, you know? )

You may have already guessed by the photos that this was the day that we walked over the Brooklyn Bridge. And my my was it spectacular! We were extremely lucky the whole time were there with the weather.. I even got sun burn!! Strolling over the Brooklyn bridge there was  a gentle breeze on our faces and the sun beaming down is a feeling that has stuck with me. Any time I thinking of summer and warm air I remember this day. This day was perfect. I mean besides the chafing and the heat leading to sweaty looking photos.. it was amazing. Id do it all again. 

While walking over the bridge there are soo many sights to see, that you actually don't know where to start. Your surrounded by these massive city buildings and busy road one side and then you look over to the other and your faced with Brooklyn , peaceful river with kids playing and adults basking in the sun. Even though there seems to be just as many people about they seem a little calmer .. and not in as much of a hurry. 

Of course we took a ridiculous amount of photos while walking over the bridge. I wanted to capture it at every angle possible. As you already know I love taking photos and I love having photos printed out in my hands and theres nothing like that feeling you get when something is so surreal you get butterflies. Thats what these photos do to me. The whole time we were there I never truly felt like I was there.. Kinda of felt like a dream and I was waiting for someone to come a long and pinch me. But that never happened and It wasn't until I got home that I really came to and realised that I had Just been in New York City. 

After a hefty long day of walking round and exploring Brooklyn we headed back to our hotel and had a nap and freshened up and went for dinner. Before heading to the park we always popped into a corner shop and picked up a few snacky bits and case of beer, then  continued on our evening walk around Central Park. Yes this became our thing to do in the evening. With it being such a hot day we were grateful of the cooler evening temperature. But it was still dress weather but it was more bearable for us Brits to handle. Though walking around the park in the evening became a habit for us this was by far the best night we had. I think Martin would agree too, watching the sunset over the skyline was like something I had never seen before and I don't think I'm going to find that kind of view again for a very long time. This night was just us, being us. Without any of the stress of work or friends and family. We were able to be truly us and laugh and joke. I have known for the last 6 years that I loved this man, I loved him more after this night, this night is when it hit really hit me that I do want to spend my life with him. 

When the sun had finally gone and we got kick out of the grassed areas, which was a shame. we would have sat there looking up at the stars all night if we could have. We strolled back to the hotel. After a few beers I always end up with giggles weather somethings funny or not I will giggle.. so we both walked arm in arm laughing. Before I met Martin when I as younger I saw couples doing things like that and I always thought one day I want to be like them and be that happy. 

Yes these last few photos are awful quality and and Im pulling some sort of demonic faces but I love them, they show the us for utter nutcase that we are. 

Come Follow me... 


As you know from a previous post of mine, my self and my other half will be running a half marathon later on this year, and all donations go towards Stand Up To cancer and are all so so appreciated. We can all do our part in destroying this horrible disease

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