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Hello you lovely people, its that time on the week again. Reminiscing on our time in New York has become a enjoyable past time for me each week.... When I first wrote Part one I didn't think I would be quite this desperate to go back... well truth be told, I'm getting desperate. So if any one would like to fly me and my other half out to New York by the end of the year with some outstanding accommodation we would be very much appreciated. Thanks. 

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All jokes aside todays post is a little shorter due to the fact I'm saving some exciting parts for next weeks post. So be sure to come back next Thursday; This is the beginning of the best day of my life.. It started with pizza for breakfast so I should have know from the get go that was going to  be a great day. I had no idea what was in store for the evening !! But lets not jump ahead of our selves now! 

We took the ferry across to Staten Island to view the Statue Of Liberty, and again a very touristy thing to do I know.. Just had to be done. Now I'm really not a huge fan of boats so this day out took a little of persuasion. But I'm bloody glad that I did it, for the experience and I feel pretty damn proud of my self for doing something that scares me. As it turned out I really quite enjoyed our time on the boat, the breeze in our hair and the sun on our faces. Although it was quite cramped on the way there on the way back we got chance to take in the views a little more. I feel like thats all we did while we were there, just stopped and stared in all kinds of awe! Other than lying in Central Park this was the most chilled I had been. 

Once we were back into lower Manhatten, we stopped off to get a little lunch to get us through the afternoon. For some reason I don't have any photos of where we sat for lunch, you'll just have to take my word for it when I say that It was breath taking. After lunch we made our way to the 9/11 memorial ground AKA Ground Zero. I have never come across a place that was this busy and so pact with people ... that didn't make a noise. Other than the passing traffic you could have head a pin drop. Seeing all the names and being there was truly gut wrenching.. and I couldn't help but feel saddened but at that same time, happy. Happy that those people are being remembered in such beautiful peaceful way. I never really knew the scale of which the buildings were (obviously huge) , I underestimated just how huge Ground Zero really was. I hope this photo below gives those of you that have never experienced this a chance to see it. The hundreds of people the other side look tiny!!  They are that far away!  This is a place that Martin had been particularly keen to visit. He has been so invested in finding out so much information about what happened, and the construction of Ground Zero. So I think it was particularly special for him to be there and experience it. Inside the museum are so many things that we left behind. Such as peoples belongings and clothing from shop windows all covered in dust and rubble. Car doors and whole police cars and fire engines. At the time it happened I was too young to really understand the devastation that is caused, and being there really put it into perspective for me just how much of a catastrophe it really was. And maybe that was a little naive of me, but some times unless you seen it with own eyes you'll never really know. 

After the Museum we strolled the streets of New York and did a little shopping. And we may or may not have got a little lost... but the plus side I came across this cute little fountain. This was the first time that we got lost and the last time too, so we didn't do too bad for a couple of tourists in a strange city. As the night closed in we popped into a bar and had a few drinks and made our way over to Times Square, I kinda wish that we had visited here at night because I know it would have looked magical on a hole new level!! But I'm happy with just being able to say that we were there. We have these moments now when we are watching a movie or TV or any kind of videos to be honest, we just look at each other and just smile and nudge either other  *just saying we were there* 

The day did not end here, and I'm sorry for the cliff hanger. If know me then may know what happened at the end of this night but those of you that are here because you like reading my blog I'm sorry to say you'll have to wait a week to find out. 

To Be Continued........ 

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